Hache, season 2, hits new levels of danger

Adriana Ugarte in Hache

Hache, a crime drama from Spain, puts Hache (or Helena) at the top of the crime and drug scene in Barcelona in the 1960s. Hache (Adriana Ugarte) inherits a nightclub, some houses, a cement factory and more from her lead-filled former lover Malpica. Both seasons are on Netflix.

Hache could cash it all in, take the money and run. But she has a taste for selling drugs now, and her ambition drives her to go after more and more power.

Men couldn’t quite believe it, but Helena set up shop in Barcelona. She reopened the nightclub, built a lab to produce heroin, and found a way to get it shipped out of the country. She made a profit for herself and the bosses above her.

Adriana Ugarte in Hache

It should all be good for Helena and her crew, but people kept getting killed accidentally or on purpose. People double cross and betray Helena. Being a crime boss is dangerous work.

Here’s a bit of a recap of characters from season 1 and some new characters.

Eduardo Noriega in Hache

The cop Alejandro Vinuesa (Eduardo Noriega) is obsessed with Helena. He gets fired from the police (twice) in season 2 for crossing the line in his pursuit of various crimes he knows came out of her nightclub. But he won’t give up. He’s relentless and causes her so much trouble.

Helena has two kids now, her daughter and a new baby fathered by Malpica. Helena’s friend Camino (Núria Prims) helps care for the children. Camino is involved with an abusive man that leads to more trouble for everyone.

Helena’s brother Mateo (Samuel Viyuela) shows up unannounced. Mateo is a real screw up. He does some good, but mostly he causes additional problems.

Helena’s friend and helper Arístides (Marc Martínez), gets reported to the police as a homosexual by a boxer in his gym. He’s jailed, given electroshock treatments, and tortured in many ways for his “crime.” Getting him free takes many favors and lots of money.

The lawyer Julio Senovilla (Pep Ambròs), who seemed like a loyal guy in season 1, turns against Helena in season 2 and is another source of trouble.

There’s a new singer in the club in season 2. Mirta (Anna Moliner) has a subplot of her own around addiction. Anna Moliner sings like an angel and the band is very good. Good music is one of the most enjoyable features of this series.

Adriana Ugarte in Hache

Everyone smoked in the 60s, so rooms were filled with smoke. Everything was shot with a filter that made even the outdoors look blurred and smoky. I didn’t like the effect. Especially when much of the setting is in a semi-dark club, I didn’t appreciate the artistic choice to make it even less visible.

There were only 6 episodes of season 2. Hache was created by Verónica Fernández and based on real events. Between the pandemic changing the filming schedule and the way the final episode of season 2 ended, it is a little hard to predict if there will be a 3rd season. In the final shots, Helena heads down a road with options for her future. I hope there will be a 3rd season with this tough, survivor of a character.

Poster for Hache

Here’s the season 2 trailer, which is badly dubbed in English. I encourage you to watch the series in the original Spanish with English subtitles, if you can manage subtitles.

Are you a fan of this series? How about a fan of Adriana Ugarte? Do you plan to watch season 2 of this drama?

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