Jolt is goofy fun

Kate Beckinsale in Jolt

Jolt, on Prime Video, stars Kate Beckinsale in a comedic action movie about a woman with uncontrollable anger issues. It’s a wild romp of a movie from director Tanya Wexler.

Jolt is not to be confused with Jett, which I reviewed last week. Both feature pretty ladies kicking butt and short titles beginning with J. That’s where the resemblance ends.

In Jolt, Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) has an emotional disorder that manifests itself in anger and rage. Much as Lindy wants to control it, she often finds herself beating the stuffin’ out of people who irritate her a bit.

Kate Beckinsale in Jolt

Her therapist, Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci), won’t talk to her unless she’s chained up far from his chair. He’s rigged her up with an electrified vest that she can discharge any time she feels the rage building. It’s supposed to kill the urge to release the rage on some innocent. Sometimes it works.

He wants her to test the device by dating like a regular woman. Hence, she meets Justin (Jai Courtney). He is perfect. He doesn’t irritate her, he encourages her. He supports her. He’s nice to her. He makes beautiful love to her and asks her for a second date.

Dear goddess, it’s a miracle. She must be cured, right?

On the way to the second date she hears from two cops, Det. Vicars (Bobby Cannavale) and Det. Nevin (Laverne Cox) that Justin was found in a dumpster with two bullets in his head.

While Det. Vicars is semi-understanding, Det. Nevin is a pain in the rear. Plus, she likes hospital pudding, which should be pretty dang irritating to everyone. Lindy is a suspect in the murder. She ignores the whole police department in favor of finding the killer herself.

The search for the killer takes us into the third act, where some fun plot twists and surprises await.

The film includes all the action movie requirements. Great car chases, lots of hand to hand fighting, exciting feats like climbing up the outside of a million story skyscraper, jokes and one-liners for everyone, a great female-gaze sex scene, and a mysterious unnamed woman (Susan Sarandon) who might be the secret to the whole plot. Does the mysterious woman mean Lindy might be in line for a second feature film? Gosh, I hope so.

Poster for Jolt

Watch this.

What do you think? Does this one look like something you’d enjoy?

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