Lost Girl: S5 E15 Let Them Burn

Anna Silk in Lost Girl

Lost Girl episode 15 of season 5 is “Let Them Burn.” There’s some good news, some startling news, some long awaited news and a puzzling cliffhanger.

Spoilers are everywhere ahead.

the clubhouse on fire with Mark, Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson inside

We begin at the end with the clubhouse in flames and Mark (Luke Bilyk), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) trapped inside. Then we step back 24 hours and see what led to this disaster.

Kenzi finds Vex in the attic

The good news is that Vex (Paul Amos) is not dead. The cut was deep enough to cut his vocal cords, but not kill him. Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten), however, is no where to be found in the attic.

Tamsin in a cage

Tamsin is in a cage. A crib awaits nearby and Jack (Eric Roberts) is there telling Tamsin the baby is more important than she is. She tells Jack she won’t let this baby be an evil demon child. The baby will be like Bo and he will be out of luck.

Jack tells Tamsin that he chose a different breed for the mother this time because she serves his needs better. We don’t find out what this means until later.

Vex is in the clinic

Vex is writing notes on a small board from his bed in the clinic when he isn’t busy mesmering Lauren into giving him more morphine. They realize Jack has Tamsin. Dyson wants to rush off to save her, but Bo wants to make a plan.

Kenzi, the official keeper of the horseshoe, reminds them that everyone who could be helpful is dead. But Vex has one more secret. He tells them the midwife who delivered Bo is still alive. He tells them to ask Evony (Emmanuelle Vaugier) about her.

Evony as fundraiser

Bo and Kenzi find Evony hosting a fundraiser for her disease. She’s raised millions for research since she’s given up on getting a cure from Lauren.

Bo and Kenzi talk to Evony

Evony tells them Trick saved the midwife (which we saw him do in an earlier season) and that Evony took her and made her take care of her horse ranch (which we did not see in an earlier season).

Jack reveals scrambled eggs

Tamsin struggles but can’t break out of her cage. Jack offers her scrambled Phoenix eggs. She doesn’t want the eggs, but she likes the looks of the fork so she takes the meal.

Mark and Dyson talk

Dyson and Mark go to the Dal. Dyson tells Mark to call Consilium, which is a gathering of Fae elders. Mark wants to summon all the elders – both light and dark – but Dyson nixes the idea. Mark doesn’t understand the difference between light and dark.

Bo with white horses

At the horse ranch, six white horses charge over a hill and stop in a semi circle in front of Bo. Kenzi is not an enthusiastic fan of horses or of walking in pastures in her Choos.

Lou Ann

The midwife, Lou Ann (Marie Ward), walks up behind Kenzi and Bo. She says the horses have been waiting for Bo. Bo remembers Lou Ann from when she met her while Lou Ann was in prison.

Lou Ann tells them that when she rescued Bo, Aife was sick and wanted to kill Bo. Lou Ann hid Bo among humans.

Bo tells Lou Ann she’s looking for the Pyrippus – a fire breathing horse. Kenzi shows her the horseshoe and says that they think it is for controlling the Pyrippus. Lou Ann takes them for a ride.

Tamsin realizes her wings are gone

Tamsin can’t open the lock with the fork. Too bad expert lockpicker Kenzi isn’t there. She tries to spread her wings and can’t. Jack clipped her wings. The bastard.

Tamsin understands why Aife wanted to kill Bo. She puts the fork to her stomach but can’t go through with stabbing the baby. She vows not to let her baby be evil and serve Jack.

Tamsin cries

Jack says, “We both know what’s going to happen when this baby is born,” and Tamsin bursts into tears.

Bo, Lou Ann and Kenzi on horses

Bo and Lou Ann ride noble steeds with long Fae histories. Kenzi rides a unicorn named Otis who had his horn taken and who farts, not rainbows, but stinky gas. Who knew animals could be Fae, too.

The fire breathing horse

Lou Ann leads them to the fire-breathing horse. Lou Ann says no one can break Pyrippus. Bo isn’t sure what “breaking a horse” means. Lou Ann explains. When someone breaks a horse, they have the horse’s loyalty and servitude forever.

Dyson and Mark argue

At the Dal, Dyson and Mark argue because Mark summoned both light and dark elders. It’s chaos with no one in control.

The horseshoe deflects the flames

Bo takes the horseshoe and enters the horse’s pen. The horseshoe is a shield, deflecting the flames. Bo gentles the horse with (what else) her Succubus charm and some sweet talk. Now he’s a nice horsey.

The horseshoe is too big

Bo thinks maybe the horse should wear her horseshoe, but sees that it is way too big.

Lou Ann points out that horses represent something powerful in nature. There’s a bit of a discussion about power and nature and Bo says, “Does that mean the Pyrippus is me?” Yep, they decide it does.

Bo and Kenzi talk

Bo and Kenzi talk over the startling news that Bo is the Pyrippus as they walk back to the car. They talk about times when Bo did multiple chi sucking. When it happens Bo loses herself and can’t control it. She is taken over by something evil.

Bo says if Jack is trying to break her like some kind of wild horse she knows what to do.


Yes. Surrender.

Dyson and Mark continue arguing about whether they should maintain tradition or take a more modern approach. Dyson tells Mark he’s just a child and hasn’t even shifted yet, so what could he know.

Dyson and the panther

Mark stomps off. When Dyson follows he finds Mark shifted. He’s a black panther. Dyson talks Mark back into himself then congratulates him on being a man. He tells Mark he can finally choose between dark and light.

Mark won't choose

Mark, like Bo, refuses to choose a side. After many aggravating episodes with Mark, we finally see what his role is in the story. He’s ditching the old ways and leading the Fae toward enlightenment, modernism, and reconciliation. Dyson clings to the old ways and isn’t having it.

Mark calls Dyson a coward for not taking control of the situation among all the shouting light and dark elders in the other room.

Bo smiles at Jack

Bo finds Jack. She gives him that you’re gonna be my bitch smile. She hears Tamsin screaming for help in the next room and ignores it. Jack says he’s moved on to Plan B, B for baby. He reveals another startling piece of news: Valkyries die in childbirth.

Bo ignores this information. She tells Jack he’s never lied to her and she understands why he did what he did to Trick and Aife. She convinces him she wants to help him.

He says, “I need you to do something.”

Dyson shouts for silence

Dyson finally decides maybe the younger generation has a point and shouts at the elders to be quiet. He convinces them that to create peace they need to unite their strength. They lay down their arms and agree to work together to get rid of Hades. Cripes, Dyson, you could have done this 5 years ago. Oh, wait, then there wouldn’t have been a Lost Girl. Never mind.

Bo with a can of kerosine

Bo is at the clubhouse, pouring kerosene over everything. She calls Kenzi and asks her to bring everyone to the clubhouse. Then she starts the microwave cooking a huge wad of aluminum foil.

Bo close to tears

Bo looks at the clubhouse tearfully and says, “Sorry, guys, but it’s better this way.”

Trapped in the flames

As the gang enters the clubhouse, the microwave sparks. Everything goes up in flames. They think Bo is inside and waste time searching for her. The house collapses around them and they can think of no way out.

Bo and Jack watch it burn

Bo and Jack stand outside and watch the clubhouse burn. Jack tells her she could still save them. She says, “Let them burn.”

Jack puts his print on Bo again

Jack leads Bo to a throne. She sits in it and smiles. He puts his handprint on her again.

They hear Tamsin crying. Bo claims it doesn’t bother her.

Born ready

Jack asks Bo if she’s ready and she says she was born ready. Her eyes flash blue. He answers, “That’ s my girl.”

This episode was directed by Mairzee Almas and written by Sandra Chwialkowska.

Some Thoughts

A fantastic cliffhanger with very puzzling behavior on Bo’s part. I’m convinced Bo’s playing Jack’s own game on him to somehow defeat him by appearing to surrender. However, there’s the slight problem of everyone she loves burning up in the clubhouse. How can Dyson lead the light and dark Fae to help Bo conquer Hades if he is crispy wolf meat? How can Mark help unite light and dark if he’s panther jerky? How can Lauren and Kenzi be Bo’s BFFs if they are flaming embers?

I don’t know how the whole surrendering to win plan is going to work, but it surely must. The villain is always defeated by the heroine in the end.

A lot of things have to happen next week. They literally have 44 minutes to save the world next week.

  • We have to learn how the gang escapes the fire. (Come on, they’ve got to escape.)
  • We have to learn how Bo’s apparent surrender gives her the upper hand.
  • We have to learn how Hades is defeated.
  • If Tamsin really dies in childbirth, we have to learn who will care for the new baby. (Wouldn’t it be nice if Tamsin didn’t actually die?)
  • We have to learn what happens with Vex.
  • We have to learn if Evony gets her groove back.
  • We have to learn what Bo carrying Trick’s blood has to do with the story’s resolution. Since it’s been mentioned 822 times recently, it has to be important.
  • We have to learn if there will be peace among all the Fae with Bo as their queen. I think that will happen, so the key question after that is who will be at Bo’s side as she takes her place as queen of the Fae?

Ooo-eee, baby, the last episode is gonna be a doozie!

Michael Grassi is the writer for episode 16. It’s a major episode, one that will be discussed and dissected for a very long time. There’s a lot of Fae magic and fan devotion riding on episode 16! Come on, Michael, bring it!

5 thoughts on “Lost Girl: S5 E15 Let Them Burn”

  1. I found this episode very lacking. Other then finding out what animal BORING Mark shifts into, nothing really surprising happened. We all speculated that Bo would turn evil before the big Good vs Evil fight. I speculated a couple of episodes back on another website that Tamsin would die in childbirth. I also said all Bo’s friends would die. I’m not sure they did die but it kinda looks like it. I wasn’t even surprised that Bo turned out to be the Pryipuss. When that picture was revealed (after Bo’s Dawning) after Bo multiple chi sucked everyone to save Dyson, I guessed it was Bo in the picture and not her Dad. Why did I guess that it was Bo as the winged horse ? Because to me it looked more like a horse sucking chi from multiple people then a horse breathing fire onto people.

    I’m not saying I’m all seeing. Many of my guesses have been wrong. I just hope the show really has a excellent finale. It deserves to go out in great fashion, and not limp out.

    My thoughts as to how it all ends. Tamsin dies during childbirth. Bo defeats Hades and she is separated from The Pryipuss which turns her human. All the Fea are sent to Myth. Somehow Laren and Kenzi survive and with Bo they raise Tamsin’s baby.

    WOW … That senerio is pretty bad. I suck as a writer.

    1. I love your attitude and your predictions. I think I’m more of a fan than a critic – I’m just happy to watch whatever the people writing this stuff want to give us. I’m not sure what I think the ending will be but I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that Bo might end up all alone. Secretly, I want it to be something really uplifting: a plethora of strong women standing on a cliff around the Hell Mouth after just defeating all the evil. Something like that.

  2. I liked tis episode and I think you know why. Emmanuelle Vaugier was back in fine form as Evony. Delivering the evil one liners as only Emm can do “Somebody has to shovel the Sh*t” had me laughing out loud. She looked like a ray of light in the yellow outfit. My only question was if there is any significance in the horseshoe above evony’s front door? Other than that it’s got me curious about the finale. Will we ever meet her rich husband. I hope it’s not Jack!!!

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