Lost Girl S5 E9: 44 Minutes to Save the World

Zoie Palmer in Lost Girl

This episode of Lost Girl is called “44 Minutes to Save the World” and it’s a treat from start to finish.

Spoilers ahead. Recap ahead.

Episode 8 has just ended. We’re back with Bo, (Anna Silk) on the floor of the clubhouse, cranking the handle of the magic adamantine box. After the big flash of light, the innards of the box quickly turn black. Bo looks for Hades (Eric Roberts), but he isn’t around.

Mark is bleeding

Mark (Luke Bilyk) is bleeding in the the park. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) attempt to stop the bleeding. Who should appear but a doctor with a medical kit and an offer to help. Guess who the doctor is? Hades.

Trick in his lair

Trick (Rick Howland) explains to a member of the board that the Nyx can unleash the end of the world. (Nyx was a primordial deity in Greek mythology that preceded the Titans and the Olympians, and was the personification of the night.) Adamantine is the only metal that can hold off the ancients, and Trick has the Aegis Shield, which is made of adamantine. The board member wants Trick to use his blood to rid the world of Nyx.

Iris dusts him

The Nyx is in Iris (Shanice Blanton). She shows up in Trick’s lair and zaps the board member to dust while Trick hides behind the shield.

Mark in the clinic with Dyson and Lauren close by

Mark is healing faster than expected and is stable. Dyson hovers.

Tamsin and Hera

Hera (Noam Jenkins) has Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) tied to a chair. Hey, hooray, Tamsin didn’t die. Zee (Amanda Walsh) comes in all freaked out because the shield is gone. She pulls out a hunk of Valkyrie hair and takes off.

Lauren and Hades talk science

Hades shows up asking for his medical kit back. He reads some science stuff on a white board and gives Lauren a tip about injecting a virus as a Trojan horse into the cells. He tells her if her research works, she’ll have the key to everlasting life. She answers, “Well, a girl can dream.” Huge foreshadowing remark.

Bo arrives with the jack in the box

Hades tells Lauren his name is Jack, just as Bo shows up with the jack-in-the-box and announces that he is Hades, her dear old dad. She says she let Hades out so she could get rid of Nyx. But dad points out a small flaw in her logic for sending him back. The box can only return one person to Tartarus – if Nyx goes, he cannot.

Alycia (Lisa Marcos) is still hanging around Dyson’s gym. She’s stocking his fridge.

Mark wakes up and talks about where Iris might be

Mark wakes up enough to tell them where Iris might be. He gives Iris’ bracelet to Bo so Bo can get Iris to put it back on and contain Nyx. Hades points out that the bracelet is made of adamantine. Adamantine is everything in this episode.

Tamsin and Hera

Tamsin is busy working her Valkyrie doubt on Hera.

Hades rubs some protective cream on Bo's black arm.

Bo and Lauren discuss what a good thing it is that they got back together just in time for the end of the world. Lauren has some cream, which may help Bo’s black-hand disease, but she can’t touch Bo to put it on. Hades does it. He tells her his handprint on her chest is the reason she survived Iris’ touch. His hand print on Mark is why he’s healing so fast.

Bo takes Hades to hunt for Iris. They find she dusted a whole club full of people.

Trick tries to write in blood

Zee comes into the lair just as Trick is trying to write in his blood. He can’t do it. The second he writes something it disappears.

We finally learn what Zee is up to. She wants to destroy everything and start all over in a new world where the gods are given the respect they deserve. If Trick doesn’t give her the shield back, she’ll start by killing the Valkyrie. She waves the lock of hair around as proof she has Tamsin.

Bo is furious about Kenzi

As Bo and Hades walk around looking for Iris, Hades says he is proud of Bo. She mentions that she promised someone to always help the little guys. Hades says, “You mean Kenzi.” Bo says, “You don’t get to say her name.” Bo’s furious that Hades used Kenzi to block the portal in order to get to her.

Iris and Alycia

They find Iris at the gym, where luckily she hasn’t touched Alycia. Iris is demanding to know where Mark is, Alycia is demanding to know where Kevin Brown, her husband, is because Iris mentioned him.

Zee zaps Hera

Zee returns to the apartment with the shield, where Hera is now so full of doubt they fight over putting Nyx in Iris. Zee says, “How dare you defy Zeus,” and gives Hera about a million volts. She unties Tamsin and tells her to take Hera (the trash) away.

Putting Nyx away

Bo and Hades couldn’t get Iris to put the bracelet on. She claimed Nyx was in full power now. Hades urges Bo to use the box and she finally does crank the handle and put the darkness safely inside. Bo’s black hand heals immediately. Of course, the human body that Iris had been using dies as a result.

At the clinic, Dyson tells Mark the sad news about Iris. It’s dad and son bonding time with some man hugs.

Bo with tears in her eyes

Bo has tears in her eyes because everyone she is around gets hurt. She looks at Lauren and says, “One day I’m gonna lose you, too.”

Lauren answers, “Maybe you don’t have to.” Yikes, more foreshadowing.

Hades and Bo talk

Hades is locked in a room at the clinic. He and Bo talk through glass. Bo tells him she doesn’t want him in her life. He claims Aife wasn’t the one who saved her. He, Hades, saved Aife from the Dark Dungeon where Trick sent her. He says, “Sending you away was the only way to keep you safe.”


Bo answers that she will find a way to get rid of him and he surprises her by saying, “What if I want to stay here with you?”

Hera at the clinic

Tamsin arrives with Hera. He isn’t dead, he’s in a coma. Tamsin says, “Can we kill him?”

Lauren and Bo holding hands

Lauren and Bo hold hands as they walk down the street. Bo thinks everything Hades said is a lie. Lauren gets excited and runs out in the street shouting about the kind of food they could choose for dinner.


Lauren tells Bo she loves her. Bo tells Lauren she loves her, too. Then a car smacks Lauren.

Lauren sucks chi from Bo

Bo runs to a badly injured Lauren. Lauren raises up, sucks chi from Bo. Lauren’s eyes turn blue as she sucks Bo’s chi.

The episode was written by Sandra Chwialkowska and directed by Gail Harvey.

Some Thoughts

I love this show!

Okay. Thoughts. It’s looking like Lauren has figured out how to make herself fae. I thought they would save that tidbit for the very last episode of the series, and here it is in this episode. Which makes me worry about what problems she’s going to have with her fae powers in future episodes.

Having Lauren stand in the middle of the street was lame. Her burst of excitement was out of character. They could have smacked her down some other way that didn’t make her look like an idiot who stands in traffic.

Bo and Lauren are back together. They even say they are back together. But there are 7 episodes to go before the big finish. I’m nervous about their togetherness.

I’m kind of liking Hades. Is that terrible? Am I one of those women who is attracted to awful men? I don’t think so, not anymore. Jeepers, I’m liking Hades. He might be okay.

They saved the world from Nyx, but Zee is determined to wipe everything out and engineer a fresh start that is more to her liking. The next 7 episodes will probably be about the battle with Zeus and Hades may come in very handy.

We must stop talking about Kenzi and actually have Kenzi. Really, Kenzi, come back.

7 thoughts on “Lost Girl S5 E9: 44 Minutes to Save the World”

  1. Good episode. You know that Lauren becoming Fea and a succubus at that is going to cause problems. The show has to create massive drama for the next 7 episodes, especially if they want to end the show on a happy note. So it makes since to have Lauren turn Fea now. The drama comes with how Bo and Lauren deal with it and maybe Hades tries to turn Lauren evil. Just a guess.

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  3. Although most of the writing for this season has gotten better and a lot of it feels a bit like they’re trying to fix some of the mess that came before, there were some very lame moments in this episode. How they handled Lauren getting hit by a truck was the most obvious one. There was no reason for her to be just standing in the middle of the street and since the episode started streaming on Showcase.ca I’ve seen so many fans wondering if she planned on the truck hitting her, which is both reckless and cruel. I even wondered if she had hired someone to hit her. I don’t think so now, but it wouldn’t have been that hard for them to film it as Bo and Lauren having the entire conversation on the street and after the love declarations and whatnot have Lauren start to walk across the street and asking where they should eat and then get hit all of a sudden. It would have been more shocking (because who wasn’t waiting for the truck to hit her while she was still talking?) and less ridiculous.

    I don’t think the actress that played Iris was up to the task of being 3 different entities. I wasn’t invested in her at all, or her and Mark’s relationship, and still so far not too invested in Mark. They’re skipping too much in the building of the other relationships on the show so when “dramatic” things happen I feel like they’re cheating because it’s happening to characters I don’t care about. Iris dying was just an excuse for Bo to bitch about her issues with Hades and Mark’s sadness over Iris is just an excuse for Bo to feel guilt.

    Am enjoying Eric Roberts as Hades though. It’s good to finally get is POV of what happened and although he’s not completely the good guy, he’s also not the bad guy Bo thinks he is. His version of events are more logical and fit what we’ve been told. Aife was handed over to the Dark. She did tell Bo she was tortured by a Dark king, she did NOT say it was her father. Aife spoke about Bo’s father in S3 as being able to kill and raise the dead (which explains how Rainer had a body to jump off the train and he wasn’t just a ghost, if Hades also brought him back to life, which he must of and that’s how he got the mark), and it also explains why Luann would have taken Bo and hidden her, probably on Hades orders. But, did he have nefarious purpose in mind when he rescued Aife all those years ago? And is it coming to fruition now? Hmm!! So him I am invested in and I hope all these years of build up do pay off and the writers give us something good and go for it. (Because I do feel like they had something else or different planned for Rainer but pulled back near the end of the season, which is why it felt so disjointed, I think.) We’ll see.

    Not sure what’s up with Dyson and Alicia and honestly I’m not a fan if they are planning some sort of romantic pairing of them. Especially after several seasons of pointing out how difficult a relationship between a fae and human is and having a character like Lauren going to such extremes to even alter her entire existence, so why all of a sudden would be enough or satisfying to think of Dyson and Alicia together knowing they’ll just be faced with all the same dilemmas? A relationship between Dyson and Alicia wouldn’t be good or bring any kind of lasting happiness for either character and the audience would know that. It just feels like they gave him a brown eyed girl as a consolation prize and that’s kind a crap thing to do to both Dyson and especially Alicia, IMO.

    1. I agree on the Lauren hit by a truck thing. It was such crappy cgi, too. I know this is a low-budget series, although they’ve gotten pretty good with the special effects on chi sucking, glowing eyes and lightning bolts. The truck thing was just off from start to finish.

      My problem with Iris is the same problem I used to have with Hale. They just don’t shoot dark skin properly. It’s hard to tell if she’s was an adequate actor when her face is just a dark blob. It’s not secret information about how to light dark skin so you can see it, so I don’t get why they continue to let the dark skinned characters fade away into the shadows.

      I know there are Dyson and Alycia shippers, but I’ve never considered them an option either. They don’t make sense to me.

      If Hades turns out to be an okay guy, what will that mean for Trick? He sent his own daughter to the dark dungeon, he knew about Bo long before she appeared. He’s done some strange things, IMO.

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