Love is in the Air, Australian romcom flies by

Delta Goodrem and Joshua Sasse in Love Is in the Air

Love is in the Air has pretty people falling in love while flying around Australia showing off the pretty scenery in Queensland. It’s a standard romcom with the standard plot and predictable outcome the genre promises.

In Love is in the Air, the two falling in love are Dana (Delta Goodrem) and William (Joshua Sasse). Dana is a pilot in a small airline started by her mother. She flies supplies, mail, and everything else people need around. Sometimes she flies tour groups who want to see the gorgeous scenery. The profitable flights are few and far between.

Dana works with her dad, Jeff (Roy Billing). He’s does the company financials. Nikki (Steph Tisdell) is the mechanic/handy woman in the group.

Into this bucolic paradise comes William (Joshua Sasse). He is the son of a very rich man who owns a financial corporation in London. His company is losing money on the small airline. William is sent to close it down and sell it for parts.

Except, you guessed it, Dana is gorgeous and smart and captivating and William is hooked on her and on saving the airline. The two actors have good chemistry so we are rooting for them to overcome the obstacles and problems (there are always obstacles and problems) and end up together. It isn’t easy and it takes a while.

Delta Goodrem is known more for her musical career than for acting. She has star quality for sure.

You can see this fluffy film on Netflix. As usual, I’d love to hear what you thought of it if you watch it.

2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air, Australian romcom flies by”

  1. saw this film and I enjoyed it – definitely good chemistry and the scenery was beautiful. Predictable plot but nonetheless had me engaged in how they would ultimately get together.

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