Maggie, sitcom about a misfit psychic

Rebecca Rittenhouse in Maggie

Maggie received so much hype, I took a look to see what it was all about. The Hulu series stars Rebecca Rittenhouse, a woman who sees the future. It’s a 30 minute sitcom with tired jokes and trite situations. But Rebecca Rittenhouse is charming and the psychic idea is somewhat different.

Maggie sees visions when she touches someone. She makes her dating decisions based on these visions. The visions are incomplete and misleading, so her dating life ranges between nonexistent and a disaster.

Nichole Sakura and Rebecca Rittenhouse in Maggie
A good friend is so important

Maggie and her lifelong best friend Louise (Nichole Sakura) live in a world where everyone their age is paired up. The two have a great friendship.

Maggie meets Ben (David Del Rio). They click and start seeing each other. But she has a vision that makes her break up with him. The next time they meet, he’s moving into the apartment under hers with his girlfriend Jessie (Chloe Bridges). Ben and Jessie have been together since high school, but have broken up 3 times – one of those break ups led to the Ben and Maggie situation.

Leonardo Nam, Chloe Bridges, Angelique Cabral, David Del Rio, and Nichole Sakura in Maggie
Ben and Jessie with Dave and Amy stare at Louise

Maggie, Louise, Ben, and Jessie all socialize together. The group includes their friends Amy (Angelique Cabral) and Dave (Leonardo Nam).

Louise is looking for men on dating apps. With Ben no longer an option, Maggie starts dating Daniel (Adam Korson). Dating while psychic isn’t easy. She feels misunderstood and out of place much of the time. Her parents Maria (Kerri Kenney) and Jack (Chris Elliott) are supportive but strange.

Maggie sees her own psychic counselor once a week. He’s the gay food fanatic Angel (Ray Ford). She thinks Angel is the only person who really understands her. When she goes to a psychic convention she doesn’t fit in there either.

Chloe Bridges, Angelique Cabral, and Nichole Sakura in Maggie
With a little help from her friends

Over the 13 episodes in the season, Maggie wobbles back and forth between Ben and Daniel. Her psychic abilities turn problematic and unpredictable. At the end of the season, she still isn’t paired up with the love of her life, which leads me to believe Hulu intends to keep this series going for another season.

To me the series was nothing special, but perhaps Rebecca Rittenhouse has the charisma and star power needed to keep it going for more seasons. You can see the trailer here. What do you think of this series?

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