That Magic Moment When I Fell for Lost Girl

Lost Girl

I saw a tweet the other day recalling when someone first got hooked on Lost Girl. It included a photo of Bo and Lauren. It started me thinking about when that moment was for me – when did I know that this show, this character, would be one I would really like?

For me, that moment came about 3 minutes into episode 1 of season 1. At that point we didn’t know any character names. All we knew was that a gorgeous bartender served two drinks to a creepy guy. Creepy guy secretly tossed a pill in one of them and then drugged a young woman who was pickpocketing wallets as she toured the bar. The bartender watched as creepy guy followed the young woman out of the bar.

Creepy guy followed young woman into the elevator, where she reeled from the drug and he prepared to rape her. Ding goes the elevator, the doors open, and there’s the gorgeous bartender.

Love at not quite first sight with Bo in Lost Girl
Love at not quite first sight with Bo in Lost Girl

Gorgeous bartender leans against the wall, looking kickass and dangerous as hell. She enters the elevator and checks on the young woman. On my gosh, gorgeous bartender is a savior, a protector, a promise of hope for mistreated and misguided young women. That’s it. That’s the moment. I’m Bo’s forever. She’s my hero. She’s my woman. She’s my avatar. I will watch anything she wants to do until the end of time (or for 5 seasons, sob).

Of course, immediately after I swear fealty to her forever, she succubus kisses creepy guy to death and things get complicated.

I had so much fun thinking about this magic moment. It’s something that happens early in any show you commit to. Something grabs you. We could play the magic moment game for any show, but I thought it would be interesting to play it for Lost Girl.

Do you remember? What was your magic moment?

9 thoughts on “That Magic Moment When I Fell for Lost Girl”

  1. “Mirror, Mirror” (2×04) was my first episode of Lost Girl. I caught it by chance during SyFy’s re-airing. I don’t remember if there was an exact moment that hooked me. Perhaps it was the drunken banter between Bo and Kenzi in those opening scenes. It may have been Bo’s staunch support of Kenzi, even in her irritation. Or maybe Kenzi’s sacrifice for Bo, followed by Bo’s sacrifice for Kenzi. But somewhere in all those little moments, I fell hard for this friendship that was so unlike anything I had ever seen on TV. I’ve been a fan ever since.

  2. I’ve allways had this “crush” for series/movies with strongs females against the world. From Bionic Woman (original), passing Buffy or Dollhouse and Resident Evil. i’m from Spain and just a few weeks ago, making a research in twitter, i saw this gift of a girl screameing “i choose humans” and 2 questions came to my mind. Ok, what are you? (because she was not human) and where were you all this time? (’cause i didn’t have any series of this kind to see at the moment). Saddly here we can’t see right now Lost Girl, but i found it and i finished all 4 seasons. I would say 1×01, and that moment when you can see her breath, losing strength and choosing her path for life

  3. Almost the same moment as you did. Only a few seconds later. When the unknown blond girl asked “What about me” and Bartender stopped walking away and returned to care for this girl.
    That´s the moment I got hooked because I actually expected a less kind character more like Aife – ruthless, tough, sexy…and I wouldn´t have liked it.

  4. When SyFy was about to air Lost Girl, I scoffed at the idea of a supernatural woman private eye. That was the discription that was given for the show. I didn’t start to watch the show till it landed on Netflix. The ONLY reason I tried it was because of Dorothy Snarkers recaps on AfterEllen. Dorothy can make the weather report funny and fun.

    So, after seeing her love of the show I watched Lost Girl but decided I would start with Vexed (the original pilot). If I liked Vexed then I would start from the beginning and watch it. I loved Vexed and decided to give the rest of the show a chance. But I wasn’t in love with the show till about Arachnofebia. I loved the horror story mood of that episode with thier brand of humor. After that I was hooked and binged watched the rest of the 2 seasons on Netflix so I could be caught up in time for the season 3 release. I’m a Lost Girl Feanatic now.

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