Mrs. Sidhu Investigates review, charming British mystery

Meera Syal in Mrs. Sidhu Investigates

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is a 4 part British mystery series streaming on Acorn TV. It’s the kind of mystery viewers of Acorn TV love. The main character is a charming older woman who stumbles on murders. She figures out what happened before the police do and insists on helping them with the investigation.

In Mrs. Sidhu Investigates the charming lead is played by Meera Syal. She’s a widow who runs a business catering Indian food. She keeps a photo of her husband and her father in a kitchen cabinet where she holds frequent conversations with them. Her father was a police officer.

Her aimless son, Tez (Gurjeet Singh), loses his job so she puts him to work helping her in her catering business. Each time they get a job they take a van full of food to a new place. And there’s a murder.

Meera Syal in Mrs. Sidhu Investigates

The police send DCI Burton (Craig Parkinson) and Sergeant Mint (Naana Agyei Ampadu) to solve the crimes. Mrs. Sidhu sees all the clues and figures things out before they do. Of course, the police don’t want her help. But if you’ve seen this type of story before, you know they come to rely on her insight. Think of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Recipes for Love and Murder, or Harry Wild. If you enjoyed any of those, you’ll probably enjoy Mrs. Sidhu, too.

The four main characters appear in every episode. Each murder is in a new place with a new guest cast. The crimes happen in a health club, a software company, at a fan convention, and in the world of boxing. Each episode is movie length at about an hour and a half.

The poster for Mrs. Sidhu Investigates features Meera Syal and Craig Parkinson

The series actually began as a radio show on the BBC, which Meera Syal starred in. She brought the role into the TV series.

I’m not a fan of Indian food, but some of Mrs. Sidhu’s treats look positively delicious.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Sidhu Investigates review, charming British mystery”

  1. Very much enjoying this “cozy” series – just the ticket for a relaxing evening. No violence, some humor, delicious looking food, and endearing characters. It’s an easy watch that I’m thoroughly enjoying!

      1. christopher swaby

        i’m with you there. i really enjoyed this show and the others you referenced. they and Madam Blank and Signora Volpe (and Dicte, my favorite). they are fun shows that spend as much time on character building as they do the plot. i am looking forward to season 2 of this one. PS – season 2 of Harry Wild has started. ooooh, and season 2 of Annika. gonna be a fun tv fall.

      2. YES! I’ve been watching Annika because I couldn’t stand to wait even one second to watch Nicola Walker do her thing. I’m going to wait for Harry Wild’s second season to be complete before I start on it. If you ever find something like this that I haven’t discovered, I hope you’ll let me know what it is.

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