My Life is Murder, season 2: Lucy Lawless still has it

Lucy Lawless in My Life is Murder

My Life is Murder, season 2, begins on Acorn TV on August 30 (today!) with two episodes dropping. The remainder of season 2 will be released weekly each Monday. Lucy Lawless stars as a retired cop who keeps her hand in with special cases as a police consultant.

Acorn TV provided me early screeners with the first 4 episodes of My Life is Murder, season 2. There will be 10 episodes in season 2.

Lucy Lawless as Alexa Crowe has moved from Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. A cop named Harry (Rawiri Jobe) quickly recruits her to consult for the police there. She’s selling her bread at a local bistro called Ruben’s run by Ruben (Joe Naufahu).

Lucy Lawless and Ebony Vagulans in My Life Is Murder
Madison’s tech skills are too valuable to leave behind

She hasn’t been in New Zealand long when she asks Madison (Ebony Vagulans) to come join her. Alexa tells Madison she needs help for a couple of days, but it doesn’t take long for Madison to be moved in and working on every new case with Alexa.

Alexa explains to Madison that she came New Zealand so she could see her brother. It’s implied that she means “see him while she still can” but we don’t know what that means. We don’t meet her brother until episode 3, so I won’t tell you who plays him or what he’s up to.

Alexa, Madison, Harry and Ruben are the key cast, with new guests and new cases in every episode.

Lucy Lawless in My Life is Murder
Baking bread is still therapy for the widowed Alexa

The shots of Auckland are really gorgeous, especially the aerial shots. Alexa grew up in Auckland. Her stories about her childhood there help fill in gaps about her life and personality. Alexa is still the same charmer she was in season 1. She has the attitude that since she isn’t real police, she can do anything she wants. Some of her methods aren’t strictly legal but her tactics don’t bother Harry as long as he catches the criminal in the end.

Ebony Vagulans in My Life Is Murder

The costumes are beautiful –  Madison is always splashed with color. Alexa wears gorgeous coats, even on a hot day, and looks terrific.

The first episode is about a woman who shoots someone on a public jogging path but doesn’t remember doing it. The second episode is about a surfer who dies mysteriously. The bare minimum about what I saw in the early screeners is this: episode three is about drag queens, and four is set in the Auckland Museum, which is a fantastic space.

One episode, late in the season, reunites Lucy Lawless and her Xena co-star Renee O’Connor. That will be one to look forward to!

Two of the first episodes were directed by Britta Hawkins. Other directors aren’t listed anywhere yet, but I hope there are more women. This series is written and produced by women.

And, yes, Lucy Lawless has still got it. The trailer proves it.

Are you going to watch the first two episodes and keep looking for more each Monday? If season 2 is as much fun as season 1, it will be worth your time. Do I wish we could see the entire season in a single release? Yes I do.

15 thoughts on “My Life is Murder, season 2: Lucy Lawless still has it”

  1. Thanks for this reminder Virginia! I’ve been waiting for this series to continue. I just finished Nothing Trivial from New Zealand and really enjoyed. Any other Kiwi programs you have to suggest?
    I love reading your emails each day. Thank you.

      1. Thanks for responding so quickly Virginia. I’ve enjoyed your blog for several years and I appreciate your sharing your knowledge of good programming. I’m looking forward to another season of “Balthazar” (French) and am watching “Candice Renoir” in between other shows that catch my attention. Hope your week goes well!

  2. I watched the first season, loved it, and then Covid hit. I didn’t know if the show would die or live to tell more stories. Am thrilled to see it back. I always read your reports (don’t always agree) and so glad that your posts and your cheers for female champions are so strong.

  3. I loved Season 1 of this program and am so excited to see that it’s back! Watched half of episode 1, season 2 this morning before work started (ie, I walked to my home office). Really enjoying it so far! And the Auckland location helps me get a bit of this wanderlust out.

      1. I think they are working that angle HARD! It wouldn’t be such a bad thing – he’s gorgeous!!!

  4. christopher swaby

    i thought season 1 was good but season 2 has been even better. i am hopeful for a season 3. watching all the series shot in New Zealand and Australia i wonder why anyone would ever leave either. i am blessed to have a neighbor who is Australian (came here for a job opportunity he couldnt refuse) who regales me with stories almost on the daily of his homeland. i really hope to see both before i die.

    1. I went to New Zealand for 3 weeks for my 60th birthday and I’ve wanted to live there since. It’s the perfect amount of mountains, coastlines, forests, and cities. It reminded me of the US in the 1950s before everyone wanted a McMansion and an outsized car. Still haven’t made it to Australia yet. It would be a much bigger exploration.

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