Rare Objects, exploring the broken

Julia Mayorga in Rare Objects

Rare Objects, a new film written, directed, and produced by Katie Holmes, explores the idea that people become more beautiful when they are broken and heal, even with scars still showing.

Rare Objects stars Julia Mayorga as Benita, a college student who is violently raped on the floor of a bar bathroom. Benita checks herself into a hospital where she is treated for PTSD, has an abortion, and is given medication to help her cope.

Katie Holmes in Rare Objects

In the hospital, Benita meets Diana (Katie Holmes). Diana has numerous mental health issues. Benita and Diana become friends and form a bond that carries through into their lives in meaningful ways after both of them are out of the hospital.

The film is a tender exploration of their friendship and the ways brokenness may or may not strengthen a person.

Benita goes home to live with her mother (Saundra Santiago). She never explains to her mother or her old friends from the neighborhood what happened to her and why she dropped out of college.

Alan Cumming  in Rare Objects

Benita finds a job working as a sales clerk in an antique store run by Peter Kessler (Alan Cumming) and Ben Winshaw (Derek Luke). She really lucked out with these two men, because they both care about her and teach her all kinds of things about life, brokenness, and rare objects.

When Diana gets out of the hospital, Benita spends time with her and her brother (David Alexander Flinn). Benita learns more about Diana and her family. She watches with concern as Diana slowly becomes less and less stable.

Julia Mayorga in Rare Objects

This isn’t a big movie. It’s a thoughtful, quiet take on two women. It looks at the problems they face in life, and the way they cope with them: a character study.

Katie Holmes is doing what a lot of women in Hollywood are doing. Taking control of her own creativity and output. She’s creating her own material and getting it made. She’s telling unique stories in her particular way. She doesn’t get the recognition and acclaim some other stars do, and I’m not sure why. She doesn’t let that stop her. I think she’s a unique voice who deserves attention.

You can see this film on AMC+ or rent it on Prime Video.

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