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Absurd Planet is absurd. It’s full of poop jokes and reproduction jokes and pop culture references. It’s corny and juvenile and stupidly sarcastic. It’s like Sesame Street became The Simpsons. Yet, weirdly, you can actually learn something from this documentary series.

Absurd Planet grew out the the Wired Absurd Creatures video series. It features the voice of Afi Ekolona as Mother Nature talking about a multitude of beautifully photographed natural creatures.

Interrupting Mother Nature are songs, comedy sketches, slow talking creatures and inane bits. It’s dumb and dumber. But it’s also teaching you vocabulary words, introducing you to awesome animals, and doing it all with brilliant photography.

Don’t expect David Attenborough with a serious and focused nature study. Absurd Planet jumps from thought to thought with manic speed. It might be 3 episodes later before you find out the rest of an idea introduced earlier.

The 12 part series (episodes are brief) is rated PG. I’m torn about advising parents on the guidance needed here. For very young kids, most of the adult comments will go over their heads. They’ll love the photography and the creatures and may get a laugh out of it. But slightly older kids will seize on some of the more off color jokes. Depending on your family and the way you raise you kids, they might ask you questions about what they’re hearing. That may or may not be okay with you.

If you want to watch it as a family, maybe check out an episode or two alone before you bring the kids in. Episode 1, “Strangest Things,” and Episode 3, “Mate Expectations” will give you an idea what to expect in terms of parental guidance.

Absurd Planet poster

Here’s the trailer.

Opinions about this series are very divided. Have you watched it? What did you think?

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  1. Dustin Debris

    Honestly the best nature series I’ve ever seen, all things considered. All those bad reviews come from the usual way to uptight suspects. They should loosen up and enjoy the ride! Absurd Planet is just that. A wicked fun ride.

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