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Jessica Chastain in Ava

Ava stars Jessica Chastain as an action hero. Despite the female star, the film is a very male ode to violence. The best thing about it to me was seeing Jessica Chastain kicking butt with grace. Many outstanding actors are in this thriller. The film is available to rent on Prime Video.

Ava’s work as an assassin for hire is under question. Her trainer Duke (John Malkovich) warns her and tries to protect her. That’s the current situation.

Colin Farrell in Ava

Duke’s boss, Simon (Colin Farrell), wants Ava gone. He intends to eliminate her. While she is fighting off various threats to her life, she goes home to Boston. Ava involves a lot of backstory.

She hasn’t been home for 8 years. We learn she left because she wanted to murder her father. It’s safe to go home now because her father just died. When she left she was on drugs and alcohol. Her family still suspects her sobriety – and for good reason.

Ava joined the Army, learned how to kill, and took the job with Duke after she left the Army.

In Boston, she left behind her mother (Geena Davis), her sister Judy (Jess Weixler), and her boyfriend Michael (Common). Michael is now living with Judy and mom is in the hospital with heart problems. Nobody is glad to see her. I wasn’t sure why she was in Boston. Did she want to make amends, start over? So many people with guns were chasing her there wasn’t much time to figure it out.

A couple of minor characters in the cast are played by Joan Chen and Diana Silvers. I’m always happy to see Joan Chen in anything, even when she’s playing a stereotype as she did here.

This was not a great movie. It was about killing or being killed. Much of the story didn’t make sense, but movies about violence often don’t. Jessica Chastain was awesome in the part, as she is in everything she does. If you like the genre of female action hero, you’ll like this thriller. Otherwise, you’ve been warned.

Ava poster

Here’s the trailer.

What do you think? Are you ready to watch it?

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