Review: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is the funniest, most outlandish comedy you could ever want to see. After weeks on streamers that want extra dough to see it, you can now watch it on Hulu with your subscription price.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is perfect. EVERY LINE is a joke. EVERY FRAME is meticulously, perfectly funny from the background to the foreground. EVERY SONG is hilariously wrong. It uses every comedy trick in the book but makes it bigger, more surprising, and more fun.

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

The costumes, the wigs, the physicality, the musical numbers, the bright technicolor saturation of everything – all perfect. The raunchy humor, the almost-but-not-quite R rated double entendres – all perfect.

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

The plot of this comedy masterpiece is that Star (Kristen Wiig) and Barb (Annie Mumolo) lose their jobs. The lifelong friends/roommates decide to take a vacation. Since the film was written by Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig, you could say they are perfect for their parts. Josh Greenbaum directed.

Reyn Doi in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

In Vista Del Mar we meet a singing paperboy, Yoyo (Reyn Doi), who delivers more than the news. He leads us to the secret underground science lab where Sharon Gordon Fisherman (Wiig again) plots her revenge against the entire town. Her revenge involves mosquitos. (oops, spoiler alert)

Jamie Dornan in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Also involved in this mosquito infested plot is Edgar (Jamie Dornan). He’s hopelessly in love with Sharon Gordon Fisherman. Jamie Dornan does his own singing and dancing in this, which is a treat.

Edgar’s affections change when he goes to the same hotel where Barb and Star are. They share an alcohol and drug soaked night of sex and mayhem. The the next day Edgar transfers his affections to Star. She returns the feeling enthusiastically. Barb is left out of the threesome after the first night, but finds her true self by partaking of the activities in Vista Del Mar.

Edgar and Star are so busy sneaking off for sex, Edgar fails to do his part in the nefarious plot to destroy Vista Del Mar with mosquitos. Sharon must come to the hotel and take control of things. It doesn’t go the way she intended.

I must mention some of the cast who appear with no more than a line or two: Reba McEntire, Andy Garcia, Tom Lenk, Fortune Feimster, Rose Abdoo, Damon Wayans Jr., and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Even the bit parts are top notch.

The long, drawn-out fight scene between Edgar and Damon Wayans Jr.’s character is also a treat. Jamie Dornan is an all-around treat in this film. Those are the facts.

Go watch this.

The trailer is a sample of what’s to come. The dates mentioned in the trailer, of course, fell victim to the coronavirus like everything else.

Have you seen this yet? Did you find it as hilarious as I did?

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  1. I’ve been DYING to see this, but refused to pay $30 when it first came out. Thanks SO much for letting us know it’s on Hulu now…I cannot wait for the weekend when I’ll have time to curl up and watch it!!

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