Review: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Max Harwood in Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a musical fantasy based on a true story. It was first a stage play, now adapted for film. The story is about a young English lad who dreamed of becoming a drag queen. It’s streaming on Prime Video.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie stars Max Harwood as Jamie. Max Harwood is wonderful as the gay, misunderstood, outcast in his school. His secret dream to be a drag queen is often expressed in fantasy musical sequences that are big production numbers.

Max Harwood and Sarah Lancashire in Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Jamie did have a few supportive people in his life. His mum (Sarah Lancashire) was his biggest fan. She couldn’t bear to see him hurt and lied to him about his absent father (Ralph Ineson) also being supportive. Speaking of biggest fans, I’m Sarah Lancashire’s biggest fan. I was thrilled she got her own song in this. Jamie’s mum’s good friend Ray (Shobna Gulati) was also supportive.

Put Sarah Lancashire in something, anything, and I’ll watch it.

Lauren Patel in Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Pritti (Lauren Patel), another outcast at his school, was Jamie’s friend and support. She encouraged him to be brave and follow his dreams. Prom was coming and Jamie wanted to go in a dress. Pritti was in favor of this.

Richard E. Grant in Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Jamie found a shop on the internet that sold dresses and other supplies for drag queens. Hugo (Richard E. Grant) ran the place. He was a drag queen himself. Hugo became Jamie’s mentor. He taught Jamie to be fierce, courageous and a warrior who could take on the negativity in the world. Hugo knew a place that would let Jamie perform in drag, too.

Of course, there were plenty of people who called him names, taunted him, and bullied him. Dean (Samuel Bottomley) was the chief horrible student, and Miss Hedge (Sharon Horgan) was the horrible teacher.

The final scene in the film is prom night. There was plenty of drama but I won’t tell you how everything worked out.

Overall I found the film enjoyable. Jamie was charming and irresistible. The music sequences were delightful fun. The soundtrack is available at Amazon (affiliate link).

Be sure to watch all the credits because we see the real Jamie and his mom as the credits roll.

Poster for Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Here’s the teaser.

Think you’ll give Jamie a chance to charm you, too?

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