Review: Saving Zoë

Laura Marano and Vanessa Marano in Saving Zoe

Saving Zoë is not a great movie. I’ll warn you about that immediately. What is does well is look at grief and healing in a realistic way.

The premise for Saving Zoë is how little we really know about someone else, even a sister. Real sisters Laura Marano and Vanessa Marano play Echo, who is just starting high school, and Zoë, who was murdered her senior year.

The murder has been solved so that’s not the mystery. The mystery is Zoë’s life leading up to her murder. Echo finds her diary and uncovers some dark secrets in her sister’s life.

Zoë’s ambitions to be a model or an actress and get out of her hometown led her to associate with some bad characters, especially an asshole named Jason (Nathaniel Buzolic).

As Echo reads the diary, she seeks out the people who were with Zoë near the end. Echo ends up in the same dark pit that killed her sister.

Marc (Chris Tavarez) was Zoë’s boyfriend. Parker (Michael Provost) is the awkward, Freshman level, guy who Echo likes. The two of them help out when Echo needs it most.

That plot sounds good, but the execution of the story was wooden and slow. The sound quality was strange – everyone sounded like they were in a box. I thought there should have been more reference to mental health as the family grieved.

Even so, I didn’t switch it off. I watched it all and was happy with the way the story ended. Actually, I watched Saving Zoë because I liked Vanessa Marano in Switched at Birth and was interested in her role.

Poster for Saving Zoë

Take a look at the trailer.

Did you watch this one? What did you think about it?

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