Review: Snow Bride

Katrina Law in Snow Bride

I needed a dose of Christmas cheer. Getting it from a Hallmark channel Christmas love story seemed as good a way as any. On a random night, I switched on the channel and lucked into a well-done Christmas romance called Snow Bride.

Greta Kaine (Katrina Law) writes for a gossip rag. They get a tip that one of the late Senator Tannenhill’s sons is going to propose this weekend. Greta and her rival at the gossip rag, Wesley (Tom Lenk), both set off in search of the juicy news. Whoever comes back with the story will be the boss of the new online version of the publication.

Greta is helping her best friend Doria (Dana Barron) prepare for her wedding. In that role, she has Doria’s voluminous wedding dress in her car when she heads to the mountains in search of a scoop on the Tannenhills.

She drives into snow, dressed in shorts and a tank top, gets stuck in the ice, and runs out of gas. She puts on Doria’s dress to keep from freezing and literally falls into the arms of Ben Tannenhill (Jordan Belfi).

Ben takes her inside, warms her up, loans her clothing. She recognizes him immediately and thinks she’s really hit the jackpot. She makes up a story about who she is. He takes her to meet the family.

Bobby Campo and Susie Abromeit in Snow Bride
So Jared, you planning to propose?

The wonderful Patricia Richardson plays Maggie, Ben’s mother. She’s constantly accompanied by Peters (Robert Curtis Brown). As Greta is trying to keep up her lie and take advantage of her good luck, Jared Tannenhill (Bobby Campo) arrives. On his arm is Klaire Sinclaire (Susie Abromeit), a former girlfriend of Ben’s. But now she’s Jared’s girl.

Greta quickly sees who’s going to do the proposing that weekend and thinks she has her story.

Katrina Law and Jordan Belfi in Snow Bride
Gosh, Greta, you sure clean up nice.

Then Ben introduces her to everyone as his date for the weekend. That plot twist keeps her there all weekend and both adds to and subtracts from the numerous romantic story lines in the remainder of the film.

It’s all predictable, but who cares. The actors do an excellent job, the writing by Tracy Andreen is well done, and the ending is happy. Christmas cheer everywhere!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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