Review: Wanted, season 3

Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill in Wanted

I love Wanted so much. I love the two ingenious MacGyver escape artist women in the lead. I love the hectic chase and pursuit of the plot. I love the depth of the women characters and the unbreakable bond between the two lead women. This Australian TV series with its great women leads is one of my all time favorite shows.

Rebecca Gibney in Wanted
There were many flashbacks and powerful memories for Lola in season 3.

Starring Rebecca Gibney as Lola and Geraldine Hakewill as Chelsea, season 3 is one twist after another, one escape and chase after another. Almost everyone in Australia wants to point a gun at them or conk them on the head with something large and metallic. Between the action sequences are quiet moments of reflection, character development, and insights into Lola’s backstory.

Kate Box in Wanted
Maxine (Kate Box) was a cop who could do good cop and bad cop all by herself.

Some brilliantly cast new characters came into the fray in season 3 of Wanted. My favorite was the cop Maxine (Kate Box). The tired, world-weary way she looked and the slow unfolding of her character were a treat in every episode. She was a cop chasing our two heroines, so she was a constant source of trouble.

Other very well chosen newcomers in season 3 included Kerry Fox as the manipulative prisoner Susan. Hamish (Clarence Ryan) was Maxine’s partner. Matt Whelan was perfect as Alistair Poussin. Yes, Poussin – as in Brigit Poussin.

When season 3 began, Lola and Chelsea were in prison. Susan did a favor for Lola to help them get out and into witness protection. You’ve seen the first two seasons of this series, right? How long do you think Lola and Chelsea are going to sit around in witness protection?

Lola and Chelsea were obligated to return the favor and to find Susan’s daughter Sophie (Alex Malone). That led them on a dangerous chase involving a sex trader named Lance (Michael Whalley) and a bunch of enslaved women. Two women who by now have spent almost 3 seasons fighting to prove their own innocence and secure their own freedom are not going to leave a truck load of sex slaves behind. Nope.

In addition to the honest cops, there were crooked cops after them, too. The money Lola and Chelsea managed to have in their possession since season 1 drew people like flies.

Robyn Malcolm in Wanted
Donna finally left home to join in the fun.

Lola’s sister Donna (Robyn Malcolm) finally left the security of her home and went on the road to help Lola and Chelsea prove their innocence.

Geraldine Hakewill in Wanted
Hi Alistair. Remember me?

I must return to the unexpectedly handsome Alistair Poussin for a moment, because Chelsea lead the way to his place. He gave much more than help. He provided a sweet few moments of peace for Chelsea. Peace doesn’t last long in this series, however. There’s always another reason to flee.

The oddball chemistry between Lola and Chelsea has been an important part of the success of Wanted. Season 3 adds some interesting chemistry between Lola and the cop Maxine. I’d love to see Rebecca Gibney and Kate Box in something else where they could be on screen together more.

Wanted was created by Richard Bell and Rebecca Gibney, based on an idea Gibney had for herself several years ago. It’s well written, well directed, and beautifully photographed. In the US, you can watch all three seasons on Netflix.

poster for Wanted

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15 thoughts on “Review: Wanted, season 3”

  1. christopher a swaby

    finished seasons 1 and 2 yesterday. looking forward to watching season 3 this weekend. another great recommendation from you.

      1. christopher a swaby

        there was a similar discussion here about both Dicte and Rita. i LOVE Rita but it felt like a good place to end and i think it did. I also love Rita and thought the third season ended the series but happily i was wrong. i hope i am wrong about Wanted but it feels to me that this show was more in line with Dicte than Rita.

    1. I just started Season 2.. love this show. I watched it without realizing there were three seasons and at the end of the first season, when they were saying tiger goodbyes, and then Chelsea comes back, I literally cheered at the tv..

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  3. I enjoy the show but as I watched each episode I couldn’t help wonder how these two boneheads are still alive. Any stupid course of action of decision that a person on the run could make, these two seem to have made. It was unbelievable all right, but not in a good way.

  4. I was really enjoying the series and was about at the end of the second season and Netflix stopped airing it on 10/29. Wonder if you can watch it on another streaming service?

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