Start Date for Last Tango in Halifax on BBC One Announced

BBC One announced December 28, 2014 as the start date for season 3 of Last Tango in Halifax on British TV. Series 3 photos that have been released so far show us a photo of Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) and Kate (Nina Sosanya) in what must be a proposal scene (below), and in what looks like a wedding photo (above).

Sarah Lancashire and Nina Sosanya in Last Tango in Halifax.
Sure looks like a ring box on Kate’s pregnant belly

We get a look at Caroline holding the new baby (where is Kate?) in this photo. Judith (Ronnie Ancona) was also expecting a baby last time we heard. Could this be Judith’s baby and not Kate’s baby? Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve teased us with misleading photos before a season begins.

Sarah Lancashire holds a small child.
Caroline acting like a happy mom with a new baby.

We also see Gillian (Nicola Walker) holding a very big Emily Ann. That child grows at a phenomenal rate, I must say.

Nicola Walker holding a toddler
How little Calamity doth grow.
NIcola Walker and Sarah Lancashire
Don’t they look cozy?

If you recall the BBC’s previews for the coming TV season, there was also a hint that perhaps Gillian was getting married as well, although we don’t know who the groom might be. Or even if Gillian is really dressed to get married.

No word let on when series 3 will make it across the Atlantic to American PBS stations. Let’s hope PBS doesn’t drag their feet for months the way they did with season 2.

5 thoughts on “Start Date for Last Tango in Halifax on BBC One Announced”

  1. I get it thru Hide My Ass which is a service that allows you to get straight to BBC site. I love this show so it is worth the 11 dollars I pay to get all the BBC shows, which includes The Fall.

    1. @Delgado, that’s quite a name for a VPN that will let you hide your geographic location. Certainly catchy. I hate geographic restrictions on content more than any other thing about the global entertainment business. Right now everyone uses VPN, but it’s not a good solution. The answer should be global releases, not geographic releases, and it should allow for fair and honest compensation for the artists. The way it is now with content being released illegally or copies showing up on YouTube does no good for the viewers or the artists who put their love and sweat into creating content.

  2. totally agree but for those who travel a lot this is the only solution for the moment. When in the UK definitely not used. As an artist myself I am all about the support of the artist creating such incredible work and do think that something needs to be done. Thanks for bring this to my attention.

    1. Well, I’m no angel. I use VPN myself. I think the entertainment people who make it their business to bottle up content and keep it away from people are going about it wrong. Don’t you think they could make more money, sell more ads, etc., if the content was available everywhere on the same date legally?

  3. Now that would be smart to do, I would think it would be good for the popularity of actors which would be better for their show. Couldn’t help but be good all the way around. Plus when it finally gets to Netflix somehow some scenes are not even on the version they run. Oh well I am looking forward to watching on the 28th and the last season episode for the Fall, which I think has some character similarities to Lancashire’s character..well that’s a whole other thought.

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