Christine Lahti

Lena Hall in Becks

Review: Becks

Becks is a story about a musician who searches for love, struggles with life, and writes poetic, beautiful songs. It’s based on the life of Allyssa Robbins, who wrote the original songs used in the film.

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Still of Guy Pearce and Kristen Wiig in Hateship Loveship

Review: Hateship Loveship

Hateship Loveship is an 2014 independent film starring Kristen Wiig as the slightly odd woman Johanna Parry. It’s a tale about love and trust as it unfolds in the life of the strange off-kilter Johanna. Also featured in the film

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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie

Review: Grace and Frankie Season 1

Grace and Frankie hit Netflix last weekend and I watched every episode. It was a bit uneven, but I loved it anyway. Spoilers ahead.

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