Madeleine Madden

Rosamund Pike in The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time, season 2 review

The Wheel of Time, season 2, continues the epic fantasy adventure about the battle between good and evil in an ancient world full of magic and mythical creatures. The series is based on a series of novels by Robert Jordan. A third season is already in production.

Rosamund Pike in The Wheel of Time

Review: The Wheel of Time, episodes 1-3

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series on Prime Video. Three episodes were released last Friday, with more to come on future Fridays. The first season is based on the first novel in a series by Robert Jordan, also called The Wheel of Time.

Jacqueline McKenzie in Pine Gap

Review: Pine Gap

Pine Gap comes from Australia. It’s a fictionalized TV series about a real place. The real Pine Gap is a joint Australian/United States intelligence gathering installation in the desert near Alice Springs. Some slight spoilers ahead.

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