Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Peter Wight

  • Review: Brief Encounters

    Review: Brief Encounters

    It’s hilarious how repressed the Brits were about sex in 1982. At least in public. Brief Encounters tells the story of four women who wade into that repression as Ann Summers party plan saleswomen and turn their worlds upside down.

  • Review: Hit & Miss

    Review: Hit & Miss

    I confess when I first heard about Hit & Miss, a British series about a transgender woman who works as a contract killer starring Chloë Sevigny, I thought it sounded awful. Really, every horrible idea you can imagine. A cis female playing transgender – and she’s a killer. And that title: too cutesy. But a […]

  • Review: Season 1 of The Paradise

    Review: Season 1 of The Paradise

    Season one of the BBC period drama The Paradise is available now on Netflix and DVD or from Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes. Season 2 has shown on BBC One, but it isn’t available in the U.S. yet at any of the sources I mentioned. The series is about the people who work in […]

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