The Heart Guy (Doctor, Doctor) season 5: so long, Whyhope

Hayley McElhinney and Rodger Corser in The Heart Guy

The Heart Guy (Doctor, Doctor), a family dramedy from Australia, finished its very successful run with a 5th season which is now on Acorn TV. Fans of the series will be delighted with the way everything turned out, although the suspense was held until the very end of the final episode.

The Heart Guy (Doctor, Doctor) was all about relationships and love, family and friends, and the struggle to keep the town of Whyhope afloat.

When the season begins we learn that Whyhope is failing. Drought and other disasters have businesses failing. Asbestos in the hospital closes the place down and the doctors have to set up shop in a shuttered veterinary clinic.

Chantelle Jamieson in The Heart Guy

The state sends in an administrator named Sharna (Chantelle Jamieson) to take over running the place. Her first task is to charge Meryl (Tina Bursill) with corruption and have her arrested. If the temporary clinic doesn’t bring in enough patients, it will be closed. Meryl sends Hugh (Rodger Corser) in to seduce Sharna into letting Meryl go. That backfires when Sharna and Hugh turn out to be into each other.

Before long Penny (Hayley McElhinney) is discovered to be divorced and working in a clinic just miles away. She’s lured into coming back to Whyhope. With Hugh and Penny back in the same clinic it’s a race to see whether Sharna can win the man or Penny can get him back.

Many issues that riled up fans in season 4 were settled in season 5. Penny’s son Floyd (Winta McGrath) left boarding school and rejoined the cast. Hugh quit partying so much and became a better dad.

Ryan Johnson and Nicole da Silva in The Heart Guy

Matt (Ryan Johnson) and Charlie (Nicole Da Silva) were back, and together, but divorced. Matt’s beer was a hit.

Chloe Bayliss and Matt Castley in The Heart Guy

Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) and Ajax (Matt Castley) were married but not together. And, ooh la la, about that guy Ajax hired to help on the farm, Tom (Lincoln Younes). Yikes.

Tina Bursill and John Waters in The Heart Guy

Meryl hired Michael (John Waters), an old lover from 40 years ago, as her lawyer in the corruption case. Definitely still some heat there.

While all the relationships winning and losing was happening, there were the medical emergencies and the staff at the clinic to learn about. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) left early in the season and was replaced by an equally competent but flaky Melody (Contessa Treffone). Ken (Charles Wu) kept the place running.

Suspense throughout the season kept questions such as who would end up with which person, where Hugh would practice medicine, and who would be running Whyhope, going to the very end. The final episode was a sweet farewell to the fans, with the last scene being a colorful road sign that read “Thanks for visiting Whyhope.”

Women directors in season 5 were Lisa Matthews, Erin White, Catherine Millar, and Hattie Dalton.

the Heart Guy poster with Nicole Da Silva

Here’s the season 5 preview.

Were you happy with the final season? Did everything turn out the way you hoped?

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