Triptych, an intense thriller from Mexico

Maite Perroni in Triptych

The series Triptych (Triada) puts star Maite Perroni in the demanding part of playing three identical sisters. She does a terrific job with the roles in this intense and mysterious story full of surprises and twists.

Triptych (Triada) maintains a steady pace of mystery, intrigue, and excitement as it winds through 8 episodes. It begins with a mystery and works to a conclusion using untrustworthy characters, some misdirection, a lot of suspense, and a final conclusion that was a bit too easy to predict.

It isn’t a perfect series. Sometimes character motivations were obscure and there were plenty of wrong guesses as to the big WHY what was happening was happening. It was revealed by the end.

The story begins with a woman breaking into a meeting and attempting to kill her psychiatrist. There’s a shooting on a rooftop. The woman with the gun is shot by the police. This woman is Aleida, and is our first look at Maite Perroni.

Maite Perroni as Aleida and Rebecca in Triptych

The forensics team arrives at the scene. The forensics police woman, Rebecca (also Maite Perroni), comes face to face with her double for the first time.

David Chocarro in Triptych

Another cop, Humberto (David Chocarro), is on the roof with Rebecca and sees the woman who looks just like his partner.

This sets off a chain of events that lead back through 33 year old adoption stories. There are more deaths and death threats to Rebecca as she tries to uncover the truth of her birth.

Maite Perroni as both Rebecca and Tamara in Triptych

Rebecca’s investigations lead her to a third sister, Tamara. She finds Tamara working as a dancer in a club.

Each of the three sisters is very different. Aleida was wealthy and powerful. She was married to Eugenio (Flavio Medina).

Rebecca is a cop with an alcohol problem. She’s having an affair with her married partner Humberto. She has to go to an AA meeting every day and stay off the booze to keep her job.

Tamara lives on the margins. She’s bisexual, drinks and does drugs constantly, and has a bad attitude. Secretly, she has a heart of gold.

The poster for Triptych with Maite Perroni as different characters

The three women, who didn’t know about each other before the shooting on the roof, have been having visions (or hallucinations) from each others lives. They were connected without knowing who or why. These connections help solve the mystery.

At one point, Rebecca didn’t know for sure that they were triplets. She thought they might be clones, like in Pinky and the Brain. That was a cute moment, but I would have loved the reference to have gone to Orphan Black. My ties to Clone Club were showing.

Overall, I thought the series was well done. It maintained the central mystery for many episodes and grew more exciting and suspenseful as the answers started coming in. Maite Perroni was excellent. She’s the star of another popular Netflix series called Dark Desire that I may have to check out next.

Triptych was written by women with a woman director, Alba Gil, for some of the episodes. There was quite a bit of sexual content, but it wasn’t blatantly made for the male gaze. The series is streaming on Netflix.

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