My Year of Dicks, wow! the animations

Animated scene from My Year of Dicks

My Year of Dicks is an animated short. It’s about Pam, who is trying to lose her virginity and having a hard time getting it done.

A girl looks at a naked boy in My Year of Dicks

My Year of Dicks is based on diaries by Pamela Ribon. It was directed by Sara Gunnarsdóttir, who also did the editing and some of the animation.

The story is simple. A 16 year old named Pam wants to lose her virginity. She tries out several boys with no success until she finally finds the right guy.

A girl looks horrified in My Year of Dicks

The animations are fantastic. They express the emotions of the teen as she tries and tries to achieve her goal. Sometimes it’s flowers and sunshine, sometimes it’s horror. It’s all beautifully drawn and pieced together to tell the story with imagination and humor.

It’s nominated for a 2023 Oscar as Best Animated Short Film. You can get a sense of how wonderful the animation is from the trailer. I haven’t been very good about catching all the Oscar nominees for animated short films this year, but this one is worth seeing.

You can see My Year of Dicks on Hulu.

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