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Wilma Mankiller

Every time I got the chance to vote for a woman who should appear on a $20 bill, I voted for Wilma Mankiller. I tried.

Now there’s a documentary about her, titled Mankiller, beginning the rounds of festivals. I hope it will be available online soon.

Here’s some background from the film’s description at,

When history fails to preserve stories from our past and present, it’s up to us to correct the record. Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, is omitted from most history books despite ranking among revolutionary leaders like Harriet Tubman or Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an activist and a champion to a nation – and it’s time the world remembers her name. MANKILLER is a documentary celebrating a leader who defied all odds to make a difference for her people. During a time when American Indians found themselves disenfranchised and undervalued by the United States at large, Wilma emerged as a champion of the Cherokee Nation and became its first female Principal Chief in 1985.

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, Director and Producer of Mankiller, is of Cherokee ancestry and the owner/founder of Red-Horse Native Productions, Inc.  In an interview at Women and Hollywood, Valerie Red-Horse Mohl said, “We realize how Wilma Mankiller’s leadership, consensus building, community organizing, quiet influence, and servant leadership are all qualities that are extremely timely and topically relevant today. I truly believe we can all learn rich and valuable lessons from her story and legacy. I see this film as so much more than a biography; I believe it actually is a wake-up call for positive social change.”

I cannot wait to see this documentary. I’ve admired Wilma Mankiller for a very long time. Just watching the trailer made me all teary-eyed and goosebumpy. Her face may not be on our money, but she’s was one of the greatest women who ever lived.

MANKILLER – Trailer from Valhalla Entertainment on Vimeo.

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