Watch This: Trailer for The Accident

Sarah Lancashire and Joanna Scanlan in The Accident

The Accident stars Sarah Lancashire and a brilliant cast of others in a drama about a tragedy that hits a Welsh community.

Sarah Lancashire plays the wife of a politician who championed a new industrial project in the small town. He is played by Mark Lewis Jones. Those two alone are enough to make anyone want to watch, but there are more excellent actors. Also in the cast are Sidse Babett Knudsen, Nabhaan Rizwan, Joanna Scanlan, Eiry Thomas, Genevieve Barr, Shaun Parkes, Adrian Scarborough, and Ruth Madeley.

There’s an explosion at the new industrial area. Several of the town’s young people were hurt.

According to an article at Radio Times, the series is the next of Jack Thorne’s critically-acclaimed trilogy of dramas beginning with National Treasure (2016) and Kiri (2018). Both these series played on PBS in the U.S. Fingers crossed that The Accident makes it across the pond as well to compete the trilogy. In addition to PBS, Hulu has both of the first two parts of the trilogy.

Both of the previous dramas looked at how the media spotlight can affect a person and a community. The UK’s channel 4 said, “If National Treasure was about shame and Kiri was about blame, The Accident will be about justice, as a forgotten town searches for truth in the aftermath of a tragedy.”

All four episodes of The Accident will have a woman director: Sandra Goldbacher.

Watch the Trailer

As soon as I know anything about a US airing date, I’ll be talking about it on Twitter.

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