Watch This: Trailer for The Hero

Sam Elliott in The Hero

Sam Elliott stars as an aging actor diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in The Hero. He tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter) while striking up a new relationship with a young woman (Laura Prepon).

I find the fact that Sam Elliott is a romantic leading man at his age rather fascinating. He romanced Lily Tomlin in Grandma, Jane Fonda in Grace and Frankie and Blythe Danner in I’ll See You in My Dreams. Three women of his own age. Kudos for that.

Now he’s paired with Laura Prepon somehow? From the trailer it doesn’t look like so much a romance as a publicity stunt. But maybe it is a real May-December romance. We’ll see.

Sam Elliott was always a rugged, Western cowboy, iconic type. Something about that translates to sexy at his current age.

Alex Brannon from Cinefiles reviewed the film and said, “Elliott gives one of the best performances in his storied career, and he carries the film with a transfixing, deliberate gait.”

Also featured in The Hero the are Katharine Ross and Nick Offerman. Brett Haley directs. Haley also directed I’ll See You in My Dreams, another film about aging with Sam Elliott, which I thought was very good.

The Hero will be in theaters on June 9.

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