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Watch This: Trailer for Lucky Them

Lucky Them

Lucky Them stars Toni Collette as a rock journalist in danger of losing her job. To hang on to it, she’s forced to go after a story involving an old boyfriend.

The film, directed by Megan Griffiths, is due out beginning May 30.

Toni Collette in Lucky Them
Toni Collette in Lucky Them

This is really a film about accepting change. Changes in Collette’s character Ellie Klug, changes in the music business, changes in the publishing business. Oliver Platt stars as Ellie Klug’s boss.

Oliver Platt in Lucky Them
Oliver Platt in Lucky Them

Thomas Haden Church stars as a documentary filmmaker who follows Klug around as she attempts to learn what happened to a long disappeared rock star. A rock star Klug had a relationship with and hasn’t let go of yet.

Thomas Haden Church in Lucky Them
Thomas Haden Church in Lucky Them

Ryan Eggold is Klug’s current love interest, as you see in the following preview.

Toni Collette is remarkable; I’d be happy to watch her act in anything. This film looks like an interesting examination of a woman’s life – a woman of a certain age – who hasn’t come to terms with her own story yet.

The script was co-written by Emily Wachtel, Caroline Sherman, and Huck Botko.

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