Watch This: Trailer for Outside In

Edie Falco and Jay Duplass in Outside In

Outside In is from the minds of writers Jay Duplass and Lynn Shelton. Jay Duplass stars with Edie Falco and Lynn Shelton directs. It’s about an ex-con who gets out of prison and forms an intense bond with his former high school teacher.

Carol (Falco) was the only one who believed in Chris (Duplass). She helps get him out of jail. When he returns to his former hometown she helps him with his struggle to readjust.

Chris has a problematic relationship with his brother Ted (Ben Schwartz). Carol’s husband Tom (Charles Leggett) is not thrilled about Chris’s arrival back on the outside. Tom’s first words to Chris are, “Congrats on your release – maybe now I can get my wife back.” Carol’s daughter Hildy (Kaitlyn Dever) befriends Chris.

Meanwhile Chris is owning up to his romantic feelings for Carol.

Jay Duplass and brother Mark Duplass produced the film. Their films are always distinct. Quirky, but good. When I first became aware of the Duplass brothers I thought they were two odd guys with too much facial hair. After seeing their work in many different ways and places, I’m a fan. Their work has an underlying quality of kindness and empathy that is refreshing.

Lynn Shelton has been directing a lot of television lately. Movies she’s directed that I’ve reviewed have been indies. I’m happy to see her helm another movie as both writer and director.

Outside In will be in select theaters on March 30 and on digital and On Demand on April 3.

Deadline did an interview with some of the cast and the director at TIFF you might enjoy hearing. I was a bit disappointed that no one mentioned Edie Falco, but this was only a snippet from the whole interview.

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