What’s the Best Thing on TV: Your TV Favorites

Anna Silk

Okay. Your turn. Give me your TV favorites.

I’m always going on and on about what I think is good, what I think you should be watching. Want to talk back and give me some of your advice? Now’s your chance.

Let’s talk about what you like and why you like it.

Speak now.

What’s the best thing on TV? Is it something I’ve never mentioned on Old Ain’t Dead? Why is it the best thing on TV?

What should I be watching that I’m not already watching? What new seasons should I be waiting for with baited breath? What shows should I catch up on with Netflix?

Speak quickly, I cannot hold my breath for very long.

(In case you aren’t familiar with the face in the images accompanying the post, let me explain.)

4 thoughts on “What’s the Best Thing on TV: Your TV Favorites”

  1. I have recently become intimately acquainted with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Here are some of my favorites!

    1. Downton Abbey (5 stars)
    2. London Hospital (6 stars)
    3. Call The Midwife (6)
    4. Mr. Selfridge (notice all BBC so far?) 4 stars
    5. Orphan Black 5 stars
    6. Sons of Anarchy (don’t think you would like this but not sure)
    7. Justified OMG Michael Olyphant
    8. FARGO (so freaking good but what the heck is going on?) 5 stars
    9. Bates Motel (although it was slow this year)
    10. AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (soon starting)

    There’s my list! xo Virg

  2. We watch a lot of tv here too – a few faves I haven’t seen mentioned here – The Wisting and Trapped – also Wayward Pines fun— just found your blog on post about The Oldenbeim Twelve – we liked that one too — will subscribe and check back often . We love mysteries.

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