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Wow, 21 Minutes of The X-Files Re-Opened

Gillian Anderson

The X-Files Re-Opened is a 21 minute preview of the upcoming new episodes of The X-Files. The video includes interviews, previews, remarks from the excited actors and the director Chris Carter. It’s a combined behind-the-scenes and preview.

Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are older now, but still much the same people. The world has changed, but people don’t change at the same speed. They deal with some interesting themes in the new series, as well as look back at the mythology the past.

Spoiler: guess what! Mulder and Scully have a kid.

Images from Fox Television
Image Fox Television

As a resident of the American Southwest, I can tell you that the mountainous area they suggest looks like Roswell does not. (There are some mountains miles to the west of Roswell.) The UFO is cool, however.

The series begins on FOX on January 24. Will you be watching?

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