It’s All About Bo on Lost Girl

Anna Silk as Bo

I’m going to say something crazy. Lost Girl isn’t about relationship stuff. It’s about Bo.

Here’s my point for today. It doesn’t matter who Bo is with. Only Bo matters.

Here's the Lost Girl
Here’s the Lost Girl

Do you love Bo with Lauren (or Tamsin or any other woman)? Do you love Bo with Dyson (or Ryan or any other man)?

The scenes between Bo and Lauren are fabulous. The scenes with Bo and Dyson are fabulous, too. Bo makes being with anyone super hot. Depending on the kind of sexy scenes you like to watch, you naturally want more of those and you root for Bo’s relationship with one character or another in hopes of having your dreams come true.

Bo is supposed to be sexy. It’s who she is. Anna Silk is great at doing her job. Anna Silk is fabulous at her job. Her sexy succubus is played with both grace and sizzle. But underneath all the sexy stuff, all the momentary relationship drama, there is an overarching theme to Bo’s life and story.

Bo’s Fae. She’s part of a Fae lineage that she has yet to completely discover, but which seems to point to her being fated to lead all the Fae. As Queen. For centuries.

The Queen of Sexy
The Queen of Sexy

Granted, she’ll be a very sexy queen, but that won’t determine how she rules Faedom.

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Think about Bo’s qualities. She’s loyal, she has a big heart, she’s brave, she’s bold, she’s smart. She values justice and doesn’t believe in pitting Fae against Fae. She loves deeply and fiercely and without attachment to gender. She’ll risk her life to protect the people she loves. She cares about the welfare of humans. For 4 seasons, Bo has learned about herself and the Fae universe. At the same time, we’ve learned about Bo. We’ve learned she’ll fight for what she thinks is right. She’ll fight for those she loves and cares about. The only side she’s willing to take is the side of good against evil.

All these qualities of Bo’s that we’ve explored so carefully for 4 seasons are qualities that will make her a good leader.

When I look what’s ahead for season 5, I think about where they have to go with Bo to conclude her story. This being Lost Girl I’m sure there will be plenty of perilous moments along the way. I’m sure there will be plenty of sexual expression along the way. I’m sure there will be plenty of love for family along the way. I’m sure Bo will gather those who matter most next to her.

But, in the end, the thing that will matter most is where Bo fits into her world when she is no longer lost, but found.

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