Fisk review: zany Aussie comedy

Kitty Flanagan in Fisk

Fisk is another goofball comedy from Australia. This one stars Kitty Flanagan, who also wrote and directed, as a solicitor in a small law firm dealing with wills, estates, and probate.

Kitty Flanagan plays Helen Tudor-Fisk, the daughter of a well known judge (John Gaden). Helen was fired from a prestigious firm and is now back in her home town desperate for a job. She’s hired at Gruber & Gruber. The company is run by a brother and sister team, Ray (Marty Sheargold) and Roz (Julia Zemiro).

Marty Sheargold in Fisk

Ray can’t be bothered to do much.

Julia Zemiro and Kitty Flanagan in Fisk

Roz has been suspended from practicing. She regards Helen with a skeptical eye and tries to control her.

Kitty Flanagan and Aaron Chen in Fisk

George (Aaron Chen) is an assistant in the office who thinks his job is to be webmaster. He’s terrible at his job – whatever it actually is.

All in all, Helen is the only person in the office actually doing any legal work.

And what legal work it is! Every client is strangely off the wall with ridiculous requests. One woman, whose brother earns a living painting with his penis, wants her brother to have a vasectomy before he can inherit. Another resents her father’s new girlfriend getting even one teaspoon of her father’s ashes from his estate. Some are Kleptomaniacs.

Then there are the other solicitors who wander through the story representing opposing clients. Funny. The clients and opposing solicitors usually only get one episode to make an impression. The actors in these parts are such perfection. Every one of them hits a home run with their bits.

We mustn’t forget Helen’s ex-husband, who wants her dog and her money.

Helen’s family is equally hilarious, as are her living arrangements. Everything and everyone in this comedy is a little off. Except Helen. She’s solid as a rock, trying to deal with all the nuttiness going on around her.

The Australians are really good at this type of comedy. See Deadloch or Wellmania, for recent examples.

Two seasons of Fisk have aired in Australia, but Netflix only has season 1 available now. I hope they will add season 2 of this very funny comedy series before long.

If you take a look at it, let me know if you enjoy it as much as I did.

4 thoughts on “Fisk review: zany Aussie comedy”

  1. christopher swaby

    this is not Doc Martin (which i think you would enjoy Ms. DeBolt) but i can understand how someone just seeing the trailer might think so. every character in Fisk is offbeat in some way while in Doc Martin, everyone is much more grounded even if at times odd. Fisk is a comedy through and through while Doc Martin is more a drama with enough laughs to leaven the more serious parts.

    this was such a quick watch. i really want to watch season 2 – i’ve been thinking i might try a VPN to see if i can trick ABC into thinking i reside in Australia. its worked before with other shows. cross your fingers.

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