Good Behavior: S1 E0 So You’re Not an English Teacher

Michelle Dockery in Good Behavior

The first episode of TNT’s new drama Good Behavior was on before the 2 hour premier will air. Michelle Dockery stars as thief and con artist, Letty Dobesh. If you are afraid you can’t see her with new eyes after watching her high faluting ways in Downton Abbey, fear not. She throws 100% convincing into this new role.

Letty just got out of prison. She got out early for good behavior and she’s trying to keep it up. She’s got a job, she goes to her parole officer meetings, she’s staying sober. It’s all good.

Then she spends a day lifting hotel room pass keys and stealing whatever she finds in the rooms. One guest comes back and she hides in the closet. She overhears a plot to kill a man’s wife.

Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto in Good Behavior
Letty and Javier spend a night getting trashed on wine and martinis.

Later, Letty picks up the hotel guest, Javier (Juan Diego Botto). She tells him she’s an English teacher. They get drunk and have lots of sex. Lots. In the morning, Letty has an attack of good behavior and heads out to warn the wife that a killer is coming.

At the home of the murder target, Letty waits for Javier to show up. Because she’s holding a shotgun on Javier, he gives her his new car, the $50,000 he was going to earn for the killing, and a free pass out the door. Letty hands the shotgun to the wife and heads out.

Letty drives to her mother’s house. She wants to see her 10 year old son, but is refused. There’s a restraining order against her doing any such thing. She leaves $30,000 in the mail box.

Letty buys hundreds of dollars worth of meth and proceeds to try to kill herself with an overdose. That’s when Javier finds her. He doesn’t shoot her, which is what it looks like he is going to do. He hires her to work for him. Letty and Javier become a couple – crooks who will work together in future episodes.

I don’t know why we saw this episode before we saw the series premier, but I’m already hooked on this couple. Michelle Dockery’s performance is perfection. Juan Diego Botto is sexy and dangerous. I am looking forward to future episodes.

Did you watch this episode of Good Behavior? What did you think of the beginning of this new series on TNT?

2 thoughts on “Good Behavior: S1 E0 So You’re Not an English Teacher”

  1. Ooh, this does sound interesting. Will check it out tonight. Always found Lady Mary to be a pain in the butt. Dockery as a more interesting character is intriguing. Also, check out Department Q on Netflix–three Danish tv movies, watched the first one last night and it was riveting. Not female centric, but two great male characters–troublemakers consigned to filing dead murder cases—you can guess what happens next.

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