Lois Smith in The Americans and in Ruth & Erica

Keri Russell and Lois Smith in The Americans

Last week in the “Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep” episode of The Americans, Lois Smith was a guest star. It was an important episode of The Americans because it showed the Russian spy, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) as she begins to grasp the horror of what she does as a spy.

Lois Smith in The Americans
Lois Smith in The Americans

The episode was noteworthy to me as a big Lois Smith fan because Smith gave an Emmy-worthy performance. She was quietly electrifying! Smith got to deliver the line of the series/episode when Elizabeth assured her that she believed what she was doing was for the greater good. Betty (Smith’s character) said, “That’s what evil people tell themselves when they do evil things.”

WIGS: Ruth and Erica

I wanted to rewatch Lois Smith in the WIGS series Ruth & Erica after the episode of The Americans finished. The episode did not give me enough Lois Smith to satisfy my fangirl need for more of the under appreciated great.

Ruth & Erica is a story about an older couple, played by Lois Smith and Philip Baker Hall. Maura Tierney plays their daughter, who is trying to get them to sell their house and move into a facility where her father can get care. Also in the story are two men who Maura Tierney’s character is involved with, played by Michael C. Hall and Steven Weber.

There are 13 episodes in Ruth & Erica. All 13 are available on YouTube. The first one is below, with links to the others. Each episode is just a few minutes long.

I suggest you watch this beautiful series to gain a further appreciation of Lois Smith and to enjoy a glimpse into a loving relationship between an older couple facing an uncertain future. Erica’s story arc in the series is interesting as well. It’s all beautifully acted.

You can learn more about Ruth & Erica and other WIGS web series on YouTube and at Watch WIGS.
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