Review: Social Distance

Social Distance sets episode 1 in April 2020 and ends the series in late May 2020 with graduation and the killing of George Floyd. Even such a tiny slice of pandemic quarantine provided eight powerful and meaningful episodes in this anthology series on Netflix.

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The Animated Feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will be a full length animated feature. It includes some of the younger superheroes in the Marvel universe and is remarkable for its matter of fact approach to inclusion. The younger generation are going to save us all. Continue reading “The Animated Feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors”

Lois Smith in The Americans and in Ruth & Erica

Last week in the “Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep” episode of The Americans, Lois Smith was a guest star. It was an important episode of The Americans because it showed the Russian spy, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) as she begins to grasp the horror of what she does as a spy. Continue reading “Lois Smith in The Americans and in Ruth & Erica”