Lost Girl: S5 E16 Rise

Anna Silk in Lost Girl

The Lost Girl finale, “Rise,” staged the final battle between good and evil (for now . . . ) and gave fans a smile-inducing happy ending for the series. The image above, with Bo (Anna Silk) right on the line between the darkness and the light sums it all up nicely.

So I guess I don’t need to write the recap. Oh, wait, you want details.

Spoilers ahead!

Michael Grassi, who wrote the episode, was quoted in Cinefilles saying, “Our goal was to honour, and in some ways return to, the root of this incredible series that Michelle Lovretta created five seasons ago.” I think he did an admirable job.

the horseshoe deflects flames

We begin in the fire. Bruce (Rob Archer) rushes in to help, saying Bo sent him. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) notices that the horseshoe deflects the flames, and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) grabs it. They escape the clubhouse.

Outside the burning clubhouse

Bruce only got a couple of lines and didn’t hang around after they were safely out of the building, but it was a treat to see Rob Archer in the finale. Wish more of the old faves could have made an appearance.

Now that Jack (Eric Roberts) thinks the gang is dead, they are going to have to try to save Bo from her evil self while staying out of sight.

They head to Vex’s (Paul Amos) mobile caravan, aka motor home.

Bo and Jack are in the penthouse. Bo tells him that she wants to be the one to kill Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten). She goes to Tamsin’s cage and kisses her.

Bo sucks Tamsin's chi

Bo sucks enough chi from Tamsin to make Tamsin fall to the floor. Jack looks on with approval. Bo says, “Time to get my destiny on, daddy.”

Jack taunts Bo to be evil

Jack gets Bo up on the penthouse ledge and traps her there with the hell shoes. She won’t be able to move until she sucks the chi from the entire colony. She resists, but he taunts and goads. He tells her death is part of who she is and she’s not capable of love.

City wide chi suck

Bo breaks down. She sucks the chi from the whole city. When she’s finished she begs for more.

Dyson and Lauren talk

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Lauren have a chat in the back of the caravan as they piece together weapons. Dyson tells Lauren that he never worried when Bo was with Lauren. He thinks Lauren can be with Bo in spite of her humanness. Lauren says she never worries about Bo because she know when she dies, Bo will have Dyson.

the gang in the caravan

The gang notices blue light outside and realize that Bo is full on Pyrippus and sucking the chi out of the whole city. The horseshoe protects them.

The pyrippus drawing is lighting up

As Bo sucks chi, the carving on the balcony wall of a Pyrippus slowly fills with light, life force. Jack is loving it.

Tamsin escapes

Tamsin wakes up and takes the key out of her mouth that Bo gave her when she kissed her.

Kenzi refuses to believe Bo has turned evil

The streets are full of dead people. Everyone thinks Bo has gone 100% evil, but Kenzi refuses to accept that idea. She’s carrying the horseshoe everywhere she goes.

Still free will out there

Jack shows Bo the Pryippus carving. It is almost filled with life force, but not quite. He says, “There is still free will in the territory.” A very symbolically Christian choice of words, there, Mr. Satan.

Bo admits her former allies are still alive. Jack sends her to find them. She promises to devour them.

Jack goes to the balcony and says, “Guardians of the city rise.” People everywhere wake up ready to do his will.

People shoot at the gang, who discover the horseshoe protects them from bullets, too. They scramble back into the caravan.

Tamsin casts doubt

Tamsin walks through the army shooting at the gang. She casts doubt on the whole bunch of them and joins the gang in the caravan.

bo and kenzi on the caravan roof

Bo thumps onto the roof of the caravan. Kenzi goes up to talk to her. Bo is giving her the evil eye. Kenzi begs Bo to come back, reminds her that she’s her heart, that they need her.

Bo seems to come out of it. Her eyes clear. She hugs Kenzi, too hard, then grabs the horseshoe and breaks it in two. She throws Kenzi off the caravan roof, but Dyson catches her.

bo chi sucks the gang

Bo sucks chi from the gang. As she does she has flashbacks to loving moments with each of them. The flashbacks finally make her come out of it completely.

Bo rushes to Lauren

Bo climbs down and rushes to her friends on the ground. Lauren first, of course.

Bo talks with the gang

Bo tells her friends that Jack broke her. She can’t control the evil. Dyson, Lauren and Tamsin run an intervention and remind Bo that everyone has both good and evil inside them. She controlled her evil side in the past and they assure her she can do it again.


They ask Bo what she plans to do. She’s going to go full Pyrippus on Jack.

The elders approach under Jack’s control. They want the baby. Tamsin’s water breaks and Lauren prepares to deliver a baby.

Tamsin having a baby

While Tamsin is breaking Kenzi’s hand having the baby, Dyson, Vex and Mark (Luke Bilyk) are all outside fighting off the elders.

Bo fights Jack

Bo fights Jack in the street while Tamsin labors. She tells Jack he’s hollow – all evil with no good in him. But Bo has Trick’s blood and love makes her stronger than evil. She says, “I will live the life I choose.” She resists Hades’ power by sending pulses of succubus love up through her arm. She talks about having Trick’s blood and her veins raise up to bursting with blood. It’s a good vs. evil hand job.

bo does a reverse chi

Bo does a reverse chi on Jack. Or maybe she’s breathing fire. I’m trying not to examine too carefully the logic of her sudden hand prowess and her killer reverse chi.

He falls. Bo wins. Jack is gone.

Well, that sure went fast when it finally happened.

Bo does a reverse chi on the whole city

Bo climbs back up on the caravan roof and returns the life force to the whole city. Everyone goes back to their normal mixed up mess of living.

Tamsin with the baby

The baby is a girl. That’s not a good screen shot of Tamsin. She was actually pretty smiley about the little girl.

Mark and Vex hold hands

Mark and Vex go outside. Mark says he’ll probably never choose between light and dark, but there is one choice he’s definitely made. He reaches out to take Vex’s hand.  Aww, they’re officially sweethearts!

Tamsin is vanishing

Bo goes inside and sees the baby. She tells everyone Valkyries die in childbirth. Tamsin refuses to let Bo give her chi to save her. She wants no crying over her passing, either. The last life of a Valkyrie is called “the rising.” Tamsin whispers the name Dagny to Bo and vanishes in a twinkling of light. Rise, Tam-Tam, rise. One feather falls back onto the baby.

The baby in a car seat

A day or so later, when the Valkyrie baby is almost a toddler, Bo straps her into a car seat. She promises not to let her grow up a lost girl and that everyone will be watching over her. They are sisters, after all.

Kenzi give Bo a kiss

The car is Kenzi’s. She’s taking Dagny to raise her. She tells Bo she never lost faith in her and that she loves her. Bo says, “You’re my heart.”  A hug and a kiss and Kenzi is off. In her car is a newly repaired horseshoe.

Lauren and Bo talk

Lauren and Bo sit on the hood of the Camero. Lauren says, “I, human, Lauren Lewis, want to spend the rest of my life with you, succubus, Bo Dennis.” That certainly reminds me of marriage vows, doesn’t it you?

Lauren asks, “Do you think we can do this?”

Bo answers, “I do.”

And now, by the power vested in me as a fan, I pronounce them spouses for life.

Lauren and Bo kiss

They kiss, which Dyson promptly interrupts. He asks if Dagny will know who her father is.

Bo replies that just because Jack is gone doesn’t mean he isn’t still there, waiting. Evil never dies.

Time passes. We know not how much, but Valkyries grow damn fast.


Two teenaged girls are making out in the back of a car. One stops to look at herself and squirm a bit. Something is going on with her body she doesn’t understand. A cop comes up to shine a light on their smooch fest.

The cop is Mark! He takes the teenager in question (Olivia Scriven) to the Dal. Because she is you-know-who all growed up.

Lauren gives her a shot

The barkeep, Dyson, has Dagny sign the ledger. Lauren gives her an injection. The girl looks around and recognizes everyone from Kenzi’s descriptions. But where is her sister, Bo?

Bo and Dagny meet in the Dal

Bo comes in with, “Hi, Dagny. The last thing your mother said to me was your name. It means ‘new day.'” Bo tells her, “Kenzi kept you safe among humans, but evil is coming for you.”

Dagny asks what happens then.


Bo answers, “We’ll be ready.”

Some Thoughts

Triumph of the queer! Bo and Lauren end up together. Vex and Mark end up together. Dagny may be as bi as her mother and sister. It’s a validation of the attitude of Lost Girl toward sexuality from the beginning. Too bad Dyson and Kenzi don’t have some lovely person to be with, but at least they survived the mass die-off at the end of this season. And Dyson does have a prospect in the future.

It was also the triumph of what Hades himself referred to as “free will.” That is normally a religious phrase applied to the idea that Bo – and we – can live the life we choose. The message at the heart of the finale of Lost Girl is we choose good over evil because it is an exercise of our free will. Neither humans (nor Fae) are perfect creatures, but we can choose a life of good.

Tamsin’s choice to have the daughter as her legacy tied in nicely with the theme of the series. Dagny will have to choose good despite her parentage, just like Bo, just like Tamsin, just like Vex, possibly even like Evony.

It is fitting that the last image in the last episode of the last season is Anna Silk smiling that beautiful smile of hers, assuring us that everything’s gonna be all right. Yes.

I am officially in mourning for the loss of Lost Girl.

Tomorrow I’ll publish a post thanking all the cast and crew for 5 wonderful years of Lost Girl. It is too long to include with this recap.

14 thoughts on “Lost Girl: S5 E16 Rise”

  1. I know I sound like a broken record to you, but I wished evony would have gotten some kind of closure, If not in person then by word of mouth. Other than that, It was a great ending to a great series. Seeing Bruce had us literally applauding. I’m going to miss this show a lot. I do hope down the line they put out a movie or 2. But evony was sorely missed. I wished she had gotten her serum and became The Morrigan that she was always meant to be. PS Thank you for all your spot on Lost Girl reviews I will miss them most of all my friend.

    1. Thanks, Robert. I hope we will still find something to chat about on Twitter, even though Lost Girl is over. I really was expecting at least a glimpse of Evony in the finale. I guess her gesture of good will toward Bo in ep. 15 was her farewell act. Speaking of ep. 15, do you think those horses in that episode actually belonged to Emmanuelle Vaugier?

  2. Good review. After a few lackluster episodes I was very happy with the writing in this episode. Loved Doccubus and all that stuff but my 2 favorite things from this eps is the gang driving around in Vex’s Magical Bus. Hilarious and it could have only been better if Evony was along for the ride. The other stand out moment was the hilarious Kenzi and Tamsin giving birth scene. Kenzi yelling right along with TamTam … funny.

    Yes, Tamsin dying was sad but as I have said on other forums, this season Tamsin has been the star of the show. Her character had the biggest journey and I’m sure all the other actors on the show would have loved to explore their characters as fully as she did.

    The choice of Dangy making out with her beautiful butchy girlfriend was a wonderful cherry on the top. Wow … I want that as a spinoff.

    PS .. I think Emmanuel has only 1 horse. Her name is Rose and she is brown. She might have been the horse Evony rode last season when she was meeting Lauren on her human husbands estate.

    1. That birth scene WAS funny. Vex got off a one liner when Mark took Dagny into the Dal that I can’t quite remember – need to go back and look – that was funny and went way back to the beginning of Lost Girl.

      Rachel has indeed done a standout job this season. I love the idea of a Dagny spinoff. Especially if she’s as awesome as her mother.

      I know Emmanuelle rode her own horse in a scene a while back, I guess I just jumped from that to her having a whole horse ranch.

  3. Bo climbs down and rushes to her friends on the ground. Lauren first, of course.

    That sequence when she thinks of everyone spoke to me that Lauren(they showed Lauren 5 times) would be her choice. i am suspect non Lauren fans turned it off then.

    1. I think it should have always been Bo and Dysen. They were perfect for each other and fell in love first. I didn’t like the change at all! I like Lauren fine but they should have remained friends.

  4. I’m on the last episode of season 4 and all I couldn’t wait for the moment when Bo and Dyson gets back together. Now I’m so disappointed yo find out the series ended with Bo and Lauren together. Bo and Dyson are such a better match. I honestly do even want to watch the last season now.

    1. I feel the same way. I feel the relationship between Bo and Lauren seems forced and lacks the desire she had for Dyson. I started season 5 in hopes that Bo and Dyson find their way back together. After realizing it’s not happening I googled the ending of the serious and confirmed my thoughts. I give up and won’t watch the rest of the season.

    2. I almost stopped watching, i thought they’d be together considering dyson could only ever love one person and it was her. Im disappointed

  5. Does anyone else think she should have ended up with dyson? I only think it’s appropriate considering he can only love her and not to mention lauren and bos ship name is”bauren”

    1. I believe their ship name is ‘doccubus.’ Also, it was kind of an agreement between the three of them that Bo should spend what time she could with the human first and in later years she would be with the fae.

  6. I know folks have their favorites but what sense would it have made for Bo to end up with anyone but Lauren? I do think Lauren deserved better than Bo but the constant Bo needing to be rescued from her latest entanglement and Lauren backdoor saving her for four seasons straight would’ve made any other choice look fraudulent. They’d get together, and break up without a full conversation about why Lauren wanted to be single, again. Bo didn’t push hard enough for clarification and Lauren was never going to be written to empty her heart about it.

    Just because Dyson mated with her doesn’t mean he should’ve been her choice. She used him for most if not all of the series. That’s not reciprocated love.

  7. lauren sucks and should have died. bo belongs with dyson. too much gay in the show, half the characters are gay while only 1% are in real life.

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