Love Sarah is a fluffy pastry

Celia Imrie in Love Sarah

Love Sarah tells about a group of people who grieve the loss of Sarah. They start a bakery in her honor. It’s a warm and cheerful film with no villains and a happy ending. You can cheer yourself up with this sweet little puff on Hulu.

Love Sarah begins with Sarah peddling her bike toward the storefront that will be a new bakery. She doesn’t make it. The people she leaves behind decide to open the bakery anyway – even though Sarah was the baker.

Shelley Conn, Celia Imrie, and Rupert Penry-Jones in Love Sarah

Isabella (Shelley Conn) was Sarah’s best friend and meant to be her partner in the bakery. Years ago they trained as bakers together, but Sarah was better and Isabella regards herself as the business partner, not the baker.

Sarah’s estranged mother, Mimi (Celia Imrie), was asked to contribute financially by Sarah. At first she said no. When she changed her mind, it was too late. But her granddaughter, Clarissa (Shannon Tarbet), came along and gave her a second chance to invest.

Shannon Tarbet in Love Sarah

As a young woman, Mimi had been a famous aerialist and trapeze artist. She apparently made a ton of money at it. Clarissa was also an artist like her grandmother. She was a dancer. But they were all dedicated to opening a bakery now.

All they needed was a baker.

That’s when Mathew (Rupert Penry-Jones) appeared. He had been at baking school with Sarah and Isabella. Isabella wasn’t crazy about the idea of hiring him. She knew him too well. Sarah had known him really well. But their other choices were terrible. And, even a plot as lightly stirred as this one needed a romantic interest. Mathew was a fine example of that.

Speaking of romance, there was also Felix (Bill Paterson). Felix was an inventor who lived across the street from the bakery. He and Mimi were soon courting. #EldersRock, I keep telling you.

Love Sarah was directed by Eliza Schroeder. It was a warm tale of intergenerational bonds between women, striving for success, and finding happiness.

Love Sarah poster

Take a peek at the trailer.

What do you think? Want to give this one a try?

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