Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

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  • Love Sarah is a fluffy pastry

    Love Sarah is a fluffy pastry

    Love Sarah tells about a group of people who grieve the loss of Sarah. They start a bakery in her honor. It’s a warm and cheerful film with no villains and a happy ending. You can cheer yourself up with this sweet little puff on Hulu.

  • Review: Fleabag, season 2

    Review: Fleabag, season 2

    In the final moments of season 2, Fleabag turns to the lens and waves goodbye to us, the people inside the camera. We have been her companions, the people who have been allowed to understand her grieving heart just a little better.

  • Review: Fleabag

    Review: Fleabag

    Fleabag is a British 6 part comedy series exclusively on Amazon Prime. It’s fair to call it a comedy – it has some very funny moments – but it’s about a woman in terrible emotional pain and distress. Some minor spoilers ahead.