Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Harry Bradbeer

  • Review: Enola Holmes 2, and Sherlock too

    Review: Enola Holmes 2, and Sherlock too

    Enola Holmes 2 takes up where the original film Enola Holmes left off. Enola, played with madcap exuberance by Millie Bobby Brown, opens her own detective agency and waits eagerly for clients to arrive. She breaks the fourth wall to share her thoughts and eyerolls with the audience.

  • Review: Fleabag, season 2

    Review: Fleabag, season 2

    In the final moments of season 2, Fleabag turns to the lens and waves goodbye to us, the people inside the camera. We have been her companions, the people who have been allowed to understand her grieving heart just a little better.

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