Pink Wall, a relationship in 6 moments

Tatiana Maslany in Pink Wall

Pink Wall stars Tatiana Maslany and Jay Duplass in a relationship drama that uses 6 selected moments from 6 years in a couple’s life to tell their story. It’s available from Hulu, Prime, Tubi and possibly more streamers.

Pink Wall is a low budget indie written and directed by Tom Cullen. It was put together in just 9 days, which seems amazing. Working at that pace meant that if you shot a scene where the actors heads were cut off above the nose, you used it anyway. If somebody in a park was playing fetch with their dog in the background of your scene, you used it anyway.

Jay Duplass and Tatiana Maslany in Pink Wall

The film uses one event from each of 6 years with the couple. It returns again and again to the night they met and fell in love. They were open and unguarded and beautiful with each other that night.

In other years they fought or misunderstood one another or hid in a bathroom during a dinner party to have sex. Jumping back an forth between and among the 6 moments painted a detailed portrait of the relationship.

Jenna (Tatiana Maslany) was ambitious and wanted to make something of herself. Leon (Jay Duplass) was content to be a photographer’s assistant and thought his calling was to be a dad.

After 6 years they were down to betrayals and apologies. They loved each other and thought it should hold them together.

The film establishes Tom Cullen as a director, but it is far from perfect. A little more time (and hard to find cash) spent on dialog, cinematography, and easier to follow time jumps would have been helpful.

Tatiana Maslany and Jay Duplass were excellent together. They had an an easy chemistry and their professionalism and improvisational creativity showed. I’m the kind of fan who will watch Tatiana Maslany in anything. After seeing this film, she remains the best reason I have to tell you to see it yourself.

Pink Wall poster

Here’s the trailer.

Do you plan to watch this one? Please share your thoughts if you do.

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  1. I too will watch this because of Tatiana Maslany. She could just stare at the camera for an hour and it would be amazing.

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