Review: America Inside Out with Katie Couric

Katie Couric Twitter banner about America Inside Out

America Inside Out with Katie Couric is a 6 episode documentary series of discussions with Americans in various situations. Each episode is a deep dive into a topic of importance at the current time in the country.

The series comes from National Geographic but is also available on YouTube and Hulu. The topics include white supremacy and removing confederate monuments, the treatment of Muslims in America, the rise of tech and addiction to tech, the roots of anger and frustration among America’s white working class, the actual guarantees of the first amendment, political correctness, and the battle for gender equality.

The discussions and research behind them are always respectful. Katie Couric really wants to hear what people think, no matter what side of an issue they are on. She listens with as much care and attention to a white supremacist in North Carolina as she does to Viola Davis in Los Angeles.

Katie Couric and National Geographic share short clips on Twitter. They will help you see the type of discussions she’s having with different people. She made an effort to get out of her own bubble, her own echo chamber, and travel the country talking with people about important questions and issues.

With every tweet about the series, the #keeptalking hashtag is used. This is a series meant to invite discussion because it opens up views into all sorts of American thought and feeling. It’s a well done series I recommend to everyone.

For an interesting counterpoint to the idea that the white working class is the real America, take time to read “Whose Story (and Country) is This?” by Rebecca Solnit. Then #KeepTalking.

Katie Couric’s image with the series America Inside Out promo was taken from her Twitter banner.

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