Review: And Then There Was Eve

Tania Nolan in And then there was Eve

And Then There Was Eve is a fascinating indie film that doesn’t quite work but is still worth watching.

I hadn’t heard of any of the actors in And Then There Was Eve, but there was a woman director (Savannah Bloch) and talk about a transgender character (Rachel Crowl). I took a look.

Tania Nolan stars as Alyssa. The film opens with Alyssa asleep on the sofa. When she wakes, there’s chaos all around her. Things knocked down, things missing. All the photos of her husband Kevin are missing. And Kevin is missing.

Alyssa calls the police. She’s convinced Kevin was kidnapped. Oddly, they don’t question her about how she slept through her house being ransacked. They take her info and promise to look for Kevin.

Alyssa is a photographer. She talks to her assistant Zain (Karan Soni). Together, they figure out that Kevin’s phone is still working, but he never answers. The police don’t find Kevin. Alyssa’s grief is overwhelming.

Alyssa tries investigating on her own. She visits Kevin’s mother Blythe (Anne Gee Byrd) who gets angry and asks her how well she actually knew her husband. She visit Laura (Mary Holland) who also reacts oddly. Her friends suggest therapy. She joins a grief support group.

She contacts a musician friend of Kevin’s, Eve (Rachel Crowl). Eve almost walks away after their first meeting. She stays. She tries to help Alyssa cope. Time passes and Alyssa finds herself attracted to and falling in love with Eve.

The acting isn’t top notch, although Tania Nolan as Alyssa was excellent. The storytelling is a little awkward and bumpy. But the subject matter and the thematic elements are compelling. There are mental health motifs, gender identity motifs, and grieving motifs. Stick with it to the end and you’ll be rewarded with an unusual group of characters who react to life in very different ways from the ordinary.

I watched And Then There Was Eve on Prime Video. A couple of other streamers have it as well.

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Have you seen And Then There Was Eve? What was your reaction to it?

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