Review: Black Crab, yikes it’s cold

Noomi Rapace in Black Crab

Black Crab (Svart krabba) brings action and thrills from the frozen north. Noomi Rapace is a soldier in a post apocalyptic world. She’s sent on a dangerous mission across a frozen ocean on ice skates.

Black Crab (Svart krabba) touches on themes such as the power of motherhood, loyalty to faulty goals, and courage. It’s a decent thriller – not great, but watchable.

Caroline Edh (Noomi Rapace) and several other soldiers are asked to carry two canisters across a frozen ocean on ice skates. Colonel Raad (David Dencik) promises her that if she gets the canisters there, she will be reunited with her daughter Vanja (Stella Marcimain Klintberg), who was carried off by soldiers several years earlier.

Noomi Rapace in Black Crab

They take off on this mission that is basically a suicide mission. Not all of them survive the attempt. They are beset by cold, enemy attacks, and injuries. The ending is an unusual one.

Dar Salim in Black Crab

Malik (Dar Salim) was one of the men on the team. His is a familiar face if you are a fan of Scandanavian dramas.

Jakob Oftebro in Black Crab

The character Nylund (Jakob Oftebro) is another face you may know. Caroline was never sure she could trust him.

Caroline was determined to carry out the mission and get to her daughter. Some of the others on the team changed their mind about the wisdom of following orders when they realized what they were actually carrying with them. As the story moved along there was the danger of the situation, the opposition of the enemy, and discord among themselves.

skaters on the ice in Black Crab

The film had impressive visuals. The scenes on the ice and in the cold were often beautiful. The sets were excellent, too. There were some underwater shots that were well done. Jonas Alarik was the cinematographer. Adam Berg directed.

This Swedish film is on Netflix.

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