Review: Criminal UK, season 2

Sharon Horgan in Criminal UK

Criminal UK, the fascinating cat-and-mouse police interrogation series, returned with a 4 episode second season. This is a continuation of Criminal – 4 related series set in UK, Germany, Spain, and France from 2019. However, it looks like only the UK got a second series.

Criminal UK uses the same set and people I described in my review of the first season. The cops in the UK are again played by Katherine Kelly, Lee Ingleby, Rachenda Sandall, Shubham Saraf, and Mark Stanley.

The series was created and written by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, who also directed. I thought they surpassed themselves with brilliant writing in this second series. It’s often obvious whodunnit in this series. The process of watching the police interrogate and get the truth out of the suspect is the purpose of each episode. But in series 2, the writing managed to surprise me with delicate twists and unexpected turns.

Kunal Nayyar in Criminal UK
Kunal Nayyar played Sandeep, a man already in jail for murder when he was questioned about another murder.

The suspected criminal was the star of each episode. In season 2, the suspects were played by Sophie Okonedo, Sharon Horgan, Kunal Nayyar, and Kit Harington. Each of them were terrific, but I was amazed by Sophie Okonedo’s performance. She displayed emotions that went beyond everything I’ve seen her do before.

One thing I like about this series is the gender balance, both on the police side and on the suspect side. I also appreciate the ethnic mix of the suspects.

The use of the color red in this series is worth a mention. Here it brings danger and intensity to the story. That tone is aided by a score that brings either a sense of anticipation or a pulsing sense of urgency.

Here’s a nice poster, all ready to share on Pinterest. Thank you if you do.

the Criminal UK poster featuring Sophie Okonedo

Take a look at the trailer for series 2.

Are you watching this series? What did you think of Criminal UK season 2?

3 thoughts on “Review: Criminal UK, season 2”

  1. christopher a swaby

    i watched the first series but found that i couldnt get into it because, as a defender, i would never let my clients be interrogated. i watch as the suspect’s lawyer just sits there taking notes and pull my hair out. clearly the law is different there but still, i cant get out of my head. i like the actors playing the suspects this season better than those in season 1, so i will try again.

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