Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Shubham Saraf

  • Review: A Suitable Boy

    Review: A Suitable Boy

    A Suitable Boy is a gorgeous and authentic Indian drama about one young woman’s search for a suitable mate. It features an all Indian cast and a setting in northern India. Mira Nair directed this six-part series from the BBC. Episodes 1 and 2 are now streaming on Acorn TV in the U.S. The remaining […]

  • Review: Criminal UK, season 2

    Review: Criminal UK, season 2

    Criminal UK, the fascinating cat-and-mouse police interrogation series, returned with a 4 episode second season. This is a continuation of Criminal – 4 related series set in UK, Germany, Spain, and France from 2019. However, it looks like only the UK got a second series.

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