Review: Grace and Frankie, season 6

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie maintains its edge in season 6 with humor, the realities of aging, love, and friendship forming the base of the storytelling. Things have changed quite a bit by the end of the season. Season 7 is already set to deal with the new situations set up by season 6.

Grace and Frankie season 6 closes with the best season finale this series has ever had. Several seasons have had problematic endings and cliffhangers, but season 6 ends with a hilarious twist that is just so right. I cannot wait to see where it takes us.

Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) lead the cast as usual. The ex-husbands Sol (Sam Waterston) and Robert (Martin Sheen) are busy with their own storyline. Also returning are Grace’s kids Mallory (Brooklyn Decker) and Brianna (June Diane Raphael) and Frankie’s kids Coyote (Ethan Embry) and Bud (Baron Vaughan).

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie
I can’t live without you, woman.

Here’s a quick summary of a few of the plot developments in season 6. Everyone is up in everyone else’s business all the time, of course.

Right off the mark, Grace marries Nick (Peter Gallagher). Grace moves out of the beach house, but after a brief adjustment while the two women realize they can’t stand to be apart, she spends as much time there as she does with Nick.

Grace has mobility issues. She can’t get up from the couch or the toilet without help. Frankie immediately invents a toilet seat that helps you ‘rise up’ and the two launch a new business venture marketing lifting toilets. They even go on Shark Tank to pitch the idea. The very funny Joan-Margaret (Millicent Martin) is always around as their assistant.

Frankie starts dating a new guy, Jack (Michael McKean), but not before we see her flirting with a woman (Amy Aquino) who arrives to help her get over Grace moving out of the beach house. Have we ever seen Lily Tomlin flirt with a woman before? I want to see more of it.

Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston in Grace and Frankie
How’s that cruise idea going, fellas?

Sol and Robert deal with another health crisis. They keep money secrets from each other that lead to crazy situations. They talk about taking a honeymoon, finally. Maybe a cruise.

Brooklyn Decker and June Diane Raphael in Grace and Frankie

Brianna is still running the family business and terrorizing everyone daily. Mallory works for her, despite the abuse. Brianna is dating Barry (Peter Cambor), who donates his sperm to a lesbian couple. Brianna’s gay assistant Adam (Michael Charles Roman) is still a scene stealer.

Bud and Allison (Lindsey Kraft) have a baby now. They spend time matchmaking for Coyote, who doesn’t really need the help.

The guest stars who come in and out of the episodic storylines are wonderful. Short bits from folks like Ernie Hudson, Debbie Allen, Engelbert Humperdinck, Elliott Gould, Casey Wilson, and Orson Bean spice things up. The jokes are fresh, the chemistry is electric, the actors are perfection. I love Grace and Frankie, and they love each other! This series is an example of how to do comedy right. I give it all the stars it is possible to give.

I’ve been writing about Grace and Frankie for six seasons, and I’m still wild about them. Women directing in season 6 include Rebecca Asher, Marta Kauffman, Betty Thomas, and Marta Cunningham.

poster for season 6 of Grace and Frankie

Even the trailer is funny. The @GraceandFrankie twitter feed is full of beautiful photos and clips if you need more encouragement.

Is this series as much a favorite of yours as it is of mine? You do know #EldersRock, right?

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