So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (Salir del ropero)

Rosa Maria Sardà and Verónica Forqué in So My Grandma's a Lesbian

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (Salir del ropero) sounded perfect. Two older women in the lead roles. Written and directed by a woman. A story about how love is love. Easy to find on Netflix.

I’m sorry to report that So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (Salir del ropero) was not very good. It had some moments, but it was mostly overexcited, overdone, and empty. Maybe I don’t get the Spanish sense of humor, but I didn’t find it particularly funny.

Ingrid García Jonsson in So My Grandma's a Lesbian

The story began with Eva (Ingrid García Jonsson). She was about to marry a wealthy conservative Scot named Stuart MacDonald (Leander Vyvey). She heard from her grandma that she was getting married to a woman.

Eva took off for Spain to talk her grandmother out of it. Stuart’s family would not accept it.

Eva’s grandma Sofia (Verónica Forqué) and Celia (Rosa Maria Sardà) had been in love since they were 15. They lived together after raising families and doing all the things they were expected to do. Now they wanted to do what they wanted.

David Verdaguer and Ingrid García Jonsson in So My Grandma's a Lesbian

People began arriving for the wedding. Celia’s son Jorge (David Verdaguer), who had been Eva’s first love was there. That was trouble.

Eva’s mother Natasha (Mónica López) showed up. She’d given Eva over to be raised by her grandmother, so the mother-daughter relationship was a problem. More and more family arrived until it was a madhouse. It was less and less about the two grandmas and more about the extended family.

Celia insisted she’d been on the phone with the Pope, and he had blessed the wedding. She must be losing her mind, right? Instead of coming out of the closet, as the Spanish title suggests, Celia called it coming out of the wardrobe. More proof that she was losing it, according to just about everyone.

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (Salir del ropero) was written and directed by Ángeles Reiné. It was beautifully directed, especially the scenic shots of the country and sea. According to IMDb, it was filmed in the Canary Islands. The setting was beautiful. But I thought the story could have been more than it was.

Poster for So My Grandma's a Lesbian

Here’s a look at the preview.

Are you going to try this one? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you do.

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  1. Hi! Spaniard here and I assure you it was not you not getting “our humour”. The film was a big disappointment for me, I had been expecting to watch it for a long time, and when I watched it I felt scammed. Not only it was not funny, but the story didn’t even revolve around the old women’s couple at all! It was another generic heterosexual rom-com but with the plot of the sapphic grandma as background. And don’t get me started on the weird gorilla scenes and the poor performances… I much prefer Holy Camp! to this one.

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