Amy Brenneman

Elisabeth Moss in Shining Girls

Review: Shining Girls, carry ID at all times

Shining Girls stars Elisabeth Moss in another intense role that uses her talents in the best way. It’s full of psychological tension, some fantasy, some danger, and the thrill of the chase.

Lily Rabe in Telll Me Your Secrets

Tell Me Your Secrets, an entire symphony of evil

Tell Me Your Secrets is a complex crime series streaming on Prime Video. It operates on the premise that if you keep throwing every known evil at the cast and most of it sticks, you soon have a suspenseful tale to tell.

Melissa Benoist looking like a mild mannered reporter in Supergirl

Trailers for New TV Series with Women Leads

There are a number of TV shows being announced now. Some star women in leading roles, some have more than one woman out in front, and some even boast women of a color other than white. Let’s have a look at them. Supergirl Supergirl begins this fall on CBS. We’ve been given a rather lengthy first look at the series. …

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