Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: John Carroll Lynch

  • Review: Private Life

    Review: Private Life

    Writer and director Tamara Jenkins handed Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn an intimate script in Private Life. The two of them took it and made it vital and alive enough to reach out and grab the audience for over 2 hours of fascinating human drama.

  • Watch This: Trailer for The White Orchid

    Watch This: Trailer for The White Orchid

    The White Orchid is a popular name for films. The 2017 version you’re seeing the trailer for stars Olivia Thirlby in a dark thriller about a murdered girl.

  • Watch This: Trailer for Jackie

    Watch This: Trailer for Jackie

    When it happened back in 1963, it was all about LBJ and Lee Harvey Oswald and John John’s salute at the funeral. Jackie was just there, looking sad and beautiful, an accessory. The new biopic Jackie with Natalie Portman playing Jacqueline Kennedy is out to fill in the gaps in the story.

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